Justin Trudeau sees ‘opportunity’ in India ties after meeting PM in Italy

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said he sees an “opportunity” to engage with the new Indian government, including on economic ties and national security, after his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G7 Summit in Italy. Speaking to the Canadian media on Tuesday, Trudeau said one of the really good things about … Read more

Russia, Ukraine Make Contradictory Claims On Kharkiv, NATO& China Trade Barbs Over Moscow Support

A Ukrainian drone attack on the city of Azov in Russia caused a major fire at an oil storage facility on June 18, as per Russian authorities. The drone attack successfully targeted the oil depots Azovska and Azovnaftoprodukt, where 22 oil storage tanks were located. Massive blaze broke out at the oil depot with thick … Read more

Some Of Earth’s Most Ancient Lifeforms Can Live On Hydrogen. What It Means

The young Earth was also rich in hydrogen, thanks to fierce geological and volcanic activity. Sydney, Australia: Three-quarters of all matter in the universe is made up of hydrogen. The young Earth was also rich in hydrogen, thanks to fierce geological and volcanic activity. Just as stars burn hydrogen to produce heat and light through … Read more

Bangladesh Video Shared As ‘TMC Goons & Islamist Mob’ Attacking Hindus In Bengal

The Verdict: [False] The viral video depicts staff from Green Aronno Park attacking a visitor’s car in Bangladesh in February 2024. It is unrelated to West Bengal or TMC.   What is the claim? Social media users have shared a viral video depicting a group of men shouting at passengers inside a car, claiming it … Read more

Talks To Disintegrate Russia At Swiss ‘Peace’ Summit For Ukraine? NATO Nation’s Call Amid War Losses

Published on Jun 18, 2024 12:45 AM IST At the “Peace for Ukraine” summit, Polish President Andrzej Duda called for the decolonisation of Russia, urging ethnic minorities to break away and form their own states. This bold statement has stirred global attention, highlighting a potential new strategy from NATO allies to counter Russian influence amidst … Read more

TMC MPs ask SEBI officials to probe stock market ‘manipulation’

A delegation of Trinamool Congress MPs met officials of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) here on Tuesday, 18 June, and demanded a probe into the alleged stock market manipulation following exit polls earlier this month. The delegation, comprising TMC MPs Kalyan Banerjee, Sagarika Ghose and Saket Gokhale, was joined by Shiv Sena … Read more

New Mexico wildfire spreads rapidly authorities have ordered immediate evacuation

Residents of Ruidoso, New Mexico, were urgently instructed to evacuate on Monday due to a wildfire that started west of the village earlier that day. The fire quickly expanded to over 5,000 acres by nightfall, according to officials. The village government issued a dire warning on its Facebook page shortly before 7 pm, emphasising, “Immediate … Read more

Video: Bike-Borne Robbers Attempt To Rob Woman In Argentina, Get Dose Of Instant Karma

The policewoman drew her gun on bike-borne robbers and shot both of them, injuring them in the process. (Image: X/@ColinRugg) The woman opened fire on the bike-borne robbers as she was armed and a cop walking the streets of Buenos Aires in plainclothes. Two motorbike-borne assailants who tried to rob a woman on the streets … Read more