‘Father-Son Duo’ Under Scanner As Italy PM Seeks Over Rs 90 Lakh In Damages

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has initiated legal action seeking 100,000 euros (roughly Rs 90.91 lakh) in damages following the circulation of deepfake videos portraying her in explicit contexts, reported the BBC. The distressing incident involves the creation and dissemination of explicit videos featuring Giorgia Meloni’s likeness superimposed onto another individual’s body. Who Uploaded The … Read more

Google DeepMind Scientists To Call It Quits & Form AI Startup: Report

A pair of scientists at Google DeepMind are reportedly in talks to leave the Artificial Intelligence (AI) division of Alphabet Inc. and form a new AI startup in Pairs. According to a Bloomberg report, people familiar with the conversations have said that the team held discussions with potential investors about a financing round which may … Read more

Can you really trust AI? Davos crowd treads with caution

The buzz around artificial intelligence is palpable on the promenade in Davos. Much of the real estate here has been plastered with posters extolling the virtues of AI. There is even an entire pavilion dedicated to the technology. It’s aptly called the AI House and is among the most sought-after addresses at this year’s World Economic … Read more

AI To Impact 60% Jobs In Advanced Economies Says IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva

The IMF is due to publish updated economic forecasts later this month (File) Artificial intelligence poses risks to job security around the world but also offers a “tremendous opportunity” to boost flagging productivity levels and fuel global growth, the IMF chief told AFP. AI will affect 60 percent of jobs in advanced economies, the International … Read more

Who Will Write The Rules As Countries Race To Regulate Artificial Intelligence

AI regulation efforts began to accelerate in April 2021. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a label that can cover a huge range of activities related to machines undertaking tasks with or without human intervention. Our understanding of AI technologies is largely shaped by where we encounter them, from facial recognition tools and chatbots to photo editing … Read more

China syndrome: Germany keen to expand collaboration with Indian startups

Berlin: German authorities are eyeing closer collaboration with Indian startups in mobility, health, energy and advanced materials among other fields, said a German government official, after regulatory and political troubles with China led to a shift in focus toward India. China’s harsh covid-era restrictions also proved an obstacle to German firms, said the official. The … Read more

Musk to integrate xAI startup with social media platform X

Who can use Grok? Grok is initially only available for some users in the United States. As a prerequisite, they must be subscription customers of Musk’s social media platform X, in the most expensive tier, which costs $16 (€14.90) per month in the US and €19 per month in Germany. In 2015, Musk co-founded OpenAI, … Read more

AI chatbot performs illegal financial trade, then lies about it

“This is a demonstration of a real AI model deceiving its users, on its own, without being instructed to do so,” Apollo Research said in a video. “Increasingly autonomous and capable AIs that deceive human overseers could lead to loss of human control,” added. The tests were carried out in a simulated environment. The same … Read more

There Is Above-Zero Chance That AI Will Kill Us All, Says Elon Musk

London: Tesla CEO and ‘X’ owner, Elon Musk said on Wednesday that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could endanger the existence of human civilisation. “There is some chance, above zero, that AI will kill us all. I think it’s slow but there is some chance. I think this also concerns the fragility of human civilization. If you … Read more