Deadlier Than Nukes? US, China Rush For “Inevitable” AI Drone Swarms To Prepare For “New” Warfare

US and Chinese military planners are gearing up for a new kind of warfare with drones equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). The world’s only AI superpowers are engaged in an arms race for swarming drones that is reminiscent of the Cold War. However, experts say drone technology will be far more difficult to contain than … Read more

OpenAI Unveils Audio Feature That Read Texts, Clones Human Voices

OpenAI decided against a wider rollout of the feature, which it briefed reporters on earlier this month. OpenAI is sharing early results from a test for a feature that can read words aloud in a convincing human voice – highlighting a new frontier for artificial intelligence and raising the spectre of deepfake risks. The company … Read more

‘Father-Son Duo’ Under Scanner As Italy PM Seeks Over Rs 90 Lakh In Damages

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has initiated legal action seeking 100,000 euros (roughly Rs 90.91 lakh) in damages following the circulation of deepfake videos portraying her in explicit contexts, reported the BBC. The distressing incident involves the creation and dissemination of explicit videos featuring Giorgia Meloni’s likeness superimposed onto another individual’s body. Who Uploaded The … Read more

All You Need To Know

In a significant venture into artificial intelligence (AI), Apple is set to make waves this year with the testing of its new AI feature – ‘Ask’.  Unlike previous AI endeavours exclusive to iPhone users, this tool is designed to benefit a wider audience, offering a glimpse into Apple’s AI ambitions, reported Macrumors. Apple is currently in … Read more

Israel-Palestine conflict: AI warfare in action?

Another issue is that on the one hand, as Visualizing Palestine points out, AI guidance removes some of the decision making—and hence culpability—from humans; on the other, it may be argued that the human moral responsibility is all the greater when a system reports likelihood of collateral damage and also seeks out ‘high-value’ “power targets” … Read more

Google DeepMind Scientists To Call It Quits & Form AI Startup: Report

A pair of scientists at Google DeepMind are reportedly in talks to leave the Artificial Intelligence (AI) division of Alphabet Inc. and form a new AI startup in Pairs. According to a Bloomberg report, people familiar with the conversations have said that the team held discussions with potential investors about a financing round which may … Read more

Can you really trust AI? Davos crowd treads with caution

The buzz around artificial intelligence is palpable on the promenade in Davos. Much of the real estate here has been plastered with posters extolling the virtues of AI. There is even an entire pavilion dedicated to the technology. It’s aptly called the AI House and is among the most sought-after addresses at this year’s World Economic … Read more

Pakistani ex-PM Imran Khan uses AI ‘voice clone’ from jail

What did the AI message say? “My fellow Pakistanis, I would first like to praise the social media team for this historic attempt,” the AI-generated text-to-speech message said.  “Maybe you all are wondering how I am doing in jail,” the voice added. “Today, my determination for real freedom is very strong.”  “Our party is not … Read more

Microsoft’s Chris Young on Bringing AI to Main Street

Microsoft has spent most of this year touting the promise of artificial intelligence and how it can reshape society. The job for Chris Young, head of Microsoft’s corporate strategy, is making sure that hype turns into purchases of Microsoft’s AI tools. Young leads a hundreds-strong team that works with outside partners like Facebook parent Meta … Read more

Who Will Write The Rules As Countries Race To Regulate Artificial Intelligence

AI regulation efforts began to accelerate in April 2021. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a label that can cover a huge range of activities related to machines undertaking tasks with or without human intervention. Our understanding of AI technologies is largely shaped by where we encounter them, from facial recognition tools and chatbots to photo editing … Read more