Blinded In One Eye, Salman Rushdie Recalls His Brush With Death

Two years after the knife attack that nearly killed him, Sir Salman Rushdie has given his first major TV interview to BBC. Recalling the dreadful incident, the Booker Prize-winning author stated that his left eye was left hanging down his face, and loosing it “upsets me every day.”  Speaking with BBC’s Alan Yentob, Rushdie said: … Read more

'The Picnic' Review: Ending the Cold War at a Cookout

A festive gathering along Hungary’s Austrian border allowed hundreds of East Germans to flee to freedom. More would follow.

LL Cool J on 50 Years of Hip-Hop, Visualizing Success and Jann Wenner

The musician and actor talks about positive affirmations, his new book and the recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation ouster: “Come on, are you serious? Stevie Wonder isn’t a genius, really? What are we talking about?” Source link

'The Canceling of the American Mind' Review: Shut Up, They Said

Express opinions at variance with the rigid orthodoxy of the righteous elite and you will be said to be inflicting ‘harm.’ You will be canceled. Source link

10 Great Books About AI for Your Science-Fiction Reading List

Today you can use ChatGPT to clone your voice or plan your meals, but what will the AI of the future do? Here are potential answers in books by 10 science-fiction writers who envision sentient machines that fulfill human desires, topple governments, disrupt economies, save humanity and, maybe, replace it. Copyright ©2023 Dow Jones & … Read more

This Science-Fiction Writer Thinks AI Needs Its Own Body

Ann Leckie, author of the award-winning novel ‘Ancillary Justice,’ on the future of AI; ‘I think there’s a mechanical answer’ Source link

Thomas Sowell on the Trouble With 'Social Justice'

The eminent economist faults intellectuals who expect equal outcomes and treat individuals as if they were mere ‘chess pieces.’ Source link

'King Hancock' Review: The Biggest Name in Boston

More than an artful calligrapher, John Hancock forswore the austerity of his fellow Bostonians, and their extremism. Source link