Mystery Disease On Rise In China, Officials Say Multiple Pathogens To Blame

China’s health commission said a combination of pathogens is causing a surge in acute respiratory infections across the country, reiterating previous comments aimed at easing concerns a novel virus may be the source. Influenza is one of the main causes of the spike in cases, National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng said at a press … Read more

No ‘Unusual’ Virus Or Novel Pathogens, Says China Amid Rising Pneumonia Cases | World News

Geneva: In response to mounting concerns raised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding a surge in respiratory illnesses among children, China has assured the global health community that no unusual or new pathogens have been identified in the northern region. WHO Surveillance, Chinese Response The World Health Organisation has been closely monitoring data … Read more

China Reports No Unusual Pathogens In Respiratory Illness Surge: WHO

WHO is closely monitoring the situation and is in close contact with national authorities in China. Beijing: China says no unusual or new pathogens have been detected in the upsurge in child respiratory illnesses in the north, the WHO said Thursday after pressing Beijing for detailed information. Since mid-October 2023, the World Health Organization has … Read more

India Warns Nations About Vicious Cycle Of Debt Traps At UNSC Meet Presided Over By China

India, during a UN Security Council open debate, called for transparent and equitable financing while cautioning against the dangers of unsustainable financing leading to a vicious cycle of debt traps. R. Madhu Sudan, Counsellor in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN, delivered the remarks on Monday during the debate on ‘Maintenance of International Peace and … Read more

India’s ‘debt trap’ dig at China at UN Security Council meet

In a veiled attack on China, India said that the international community should work on transparent and equitable financing and be vigilant towards the dangers of unsustainable financing which leads to a vicious cycle of debt traps. “Peace is elusive and development a distant dream if resource crunch continues to exist. Hence, India in various … Read more

Xi Jinping to attend BRICS extraordinary virtual summit on Palestinian-Israel issue: China

President Ramaphosa will deliver opening remarks at the meeting, where members and invited states will also deliver country statements on the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the South African Foreign Ministry announced. BRICS countries include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, will participate in the virtual meeting, at the … Read more

Maldives’ Newly Sworn-In President Asks India To Withdraw Military Presence | World News

Maldives’s new President Mohamed Muizzu yesterday met Union Minister of Earth Sciences Kiren Rijiju formally urging the Indian government to remove its military personnel from the island nation. The move is expected as Muizzu, who is considered ‘pro-China’ in his policies, had promised to end foreign military presence during his poll campaign. Muizzu had time … Read more

China’s Spending on Green Energy Is Causing a Global Glut

Listen to article (1 minute) China’s newest solar-energy manufacturers include a dairy farmer and a toy maker. The new entrants are examples of a green-energy spending binge in China that is fueling the country’s rapid build-out of renewable energy while also creating a glut of solar components that is rippling through the industry and stymying … Read more

China’s Middle East Clout Has Limits

For most of the past decade, China’s story in the Middle East has been straightforward: endlessly rising investment, trade and influence. Having brokered a return to diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran earlier this year and given its strong economic relationship with Israel, China has also found itself in the spotlight as the conflict … Read more

What It Took to Get Biden and Xi to the Table

Listen to article (2 minutes) With only weeks to go to prepare for a possible summit with President Biden, Chinese officials floated a plan: If Xi Jinping agrees to meet, he first wants to sit down for a banquet with American business leaders. The White House said no. With a lengthy agenda of friction points … Read more