Ordinary Russians Feel Wrath of Putin’s Repression

In a city in southern Siberia, security forces detained a man in October for reading antiwar poetry at a literary event. Authorities in Novosibirsk fined a woman 15,000 rubles around the same time for tearing down a poster exalting Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. In St. Petersburg, a man was briefly detained in September for holding a … Read more

U.K. Hits Russian Gold, Oil Sectors With New Sanctions Package

The U.K. government has sanctioned 29 entities and individuals operating in and supporting Russia’s gold and oil sectors, in an effort to cut off revenue streams funding its war in Ukraine. Entities sanctioned Wednesday include Nord Gold and Highland Gold Mining, two of the largest producers of Russian gold, and Paloma Precious DMCC, a United … Read more

Russia Turns to Longtime Arms Customers to Boost War Arsenal 

Listen to article (2 minutes) Russia has sought to retrieve parts from defense systems it had exported to countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, Belarus and Brazil, as it tries to replenish the enormous stocks of weapons being expended for the war in Ukraine. Last April, a delegation of Russian officials visiting Cairo asked Egyptian President … Read more

A Westernprice cap on Russian oilmeant to curb Moscow's war spending is increasingly losing its punch and U.S. officials are scrambling to shore up their experimental intervention in global oil markets.

A Western price cap on Russian oil meant to curb Moscow’s war spending is increasingly losing its punch and U.S. officials are scrambling to shore up their experimental intervention in global oil markets.

The Iran-Russia Military Axis – WSJ

Republican critics of aiding Ukraine claim that there’s no connection between Russia’s aggression and the war in Israel. They’re ignoring the major strategic development in the last year, which is the deepening military alliance between Russia and Iran that threatens U.S. interests. The Journal reported Thursday that the U.S. has intelligence that Russia’s Wagner mercenary … Read more

China Agrees to Arms-Control Talks With U.S.

The Biden administration is preparing to hold a rare discussion with China on nuclear-arms control as the U.S. seeks to head off a destabilizing three-way arms race with Beijing and Moscow. The meeting scheduled for Monday is the first such talks with Beijing since the Obama administration and will focus on ways to reduce the … Read more

Hamas’s Violence Is Another European Policy Failure

If the European Union were a single country it would be the world’s third-most-populous nation—behind India and China—and boast the second-largest economy, behind the U.S. The bloc has evolved a central administrative apparatus that is leading to ever greater political integration and that increasingly attempts to exert its influence on the rest of the world. … Read more

U.S. Prepares Crackdown on Russian Oil Sanctions Evasion

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the U.S. is likely to start enforcing the $60-a-barrel price cap on Russian oil. Source link

U.S. Probe of Russia-Sanctions Busting Focuses on Major Oil Trader

The investigation is examining whether Murtaza Lakhani, founder and chief executive of Mercantile & Maritime Group, traded Russian oil in breach of Western sanctions. Source link

Russia Seeks Seat on U.N. Human Rights Panel After Ejection Over Ukraine War

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