The Day After Israeli Victory

While Israel focuses on winning the war against Hamas, the U.S. has been pressing for commitments on what will come next. Speaking in Tokyo last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken laid out five “Nos”: “No forcible displacement of Palestinians from Gaza. . . . No use of Gaza as a platform for terrorism or … Read more

The Joe Manchin Experience – WSJ

Joe Manchin’s decision Thursday not to run for re-election to the Senate and instead explore whether he can “mobilize the middle” in American politics has Democrats in a tizzy, and we can see why. They’re one seat closer to losing their Senate majority in 2024. And they especially fear that the West Virginia Democrat might … Read more

Biden Keeps the Billions Flowing to Iran

Updated Nov. 10, 2023 6:50 pm ET You’d think the Biden Administration would have realized by now that enriching the Iranian regime is a dangerous mistake. You’d be wrong. Relaxed U.S. enforcement of oil sanctions continued through October, refilling Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s coffers even after the Oct. 7 slaughter and the more than 40 … Read more

Spain’s Prime Minister Toys With Separatism

Remember last summer when everyone was afraid that a far-right party could perform well in a Spanish election and endanger Spain and the European Union? Well it’s starting to look like the alternative was worse, after Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Thursday struck a deal with regional separatists to stay in power. Spain has suffered … Read more

Hamas Attack Reminds Europeans of the Virtue of Sovereignty

Europe has discovered that it has an anti-Semitism crisis on its hands. And now some politicians claim to have found the answer: Deport the anti-Semites. It’s a response as illuminating as it is futile. The shock to Europe has been the “pro-Palestinian” protests on the streets in the weeks since Hamas’s barbaric invasion of Israel. … Read more

Coloradans Turn Down a Tax Grab

Republicans had little to cheer on Tuesday (see nearby), but one electoral silver lining came in a Democratic-controlled state. Coloradans delivered a victory for limited government by rejecting Gov. Jared Polis’s deceptive tax grab. Voters delivered a clear verdict on Proposition HH, a ballot measure that would have raised the caps on what the statehouse … Read more

The 'Global South' Isn't All Pro-Hamas

India has sided with Israel, and many other developing countries have an interest in seeing it win its war.

Biden Has Plenty of Time to Bounce Back Before the 2024 Election

Trump’s polling lead is probably real, but so was Mitt Romney’s in November 2011.

Many Israelis Are Refugees From Arab Lands

As people around the world demonstrate for Palestinian rights, we shouldn’t overlook another group of Middle Eastern refugees who also have suffered for decades but whose plight is seldom discussed: the displaced Jewish refugees from Arab lands. I should know; I am one of them. Our story needs to be told. I was born in … Read more

The Iran-Russia Military Axis – WSJ

Republican critics of aiding Ukraine claim that there’s no connection between Russia’s aggression and the war in Israel. They’re ignoring the major strategic development in the last year, which is the deepening military alliance between Russia and Iran that threatens U.S. interests. The Journal reported Thursday that the U.S. has intelligence that Russia’s Wagner mercenary … Read more