Microsoft’s Chris Young on Bringing AI to Main Street

Microsoft has spent most of this year touting the promise of artificial intelligence and how it can reshape society. The job for Chris Young, head of Microsoft’s corporate strategy, is making sure that hype turns into purchases of Microsoft’s AI tools. Young leads a hundreds-strong team that works with outside partners like Facebook parent Meta … Read more

Nexon Taps Korea Unit’s Chief to Succeed Departing CEO

Updated Nov. 9, 2023 11:38 am ET Nexon Chief Executive Owen Mahoney plans to step down in March and is expected to be succeeded by Junghun Lee, the head of Nexon Korea, the video-game publisher said Thursday. Mahoney would continue to serve as representative director and CEO until Nexon’s annual meeting, at which time he … Read more

Google Antitrust Trial Exposes Deepening Rift With Microsoft  

Satya Nadella wanted to make nice with longtime rival Google when he became chief executive of Microsoft almost a decade ago. Those days now feel like a distant memory. Google’s antitrust trial in Washington, D.C., has provided a stage for Microsoft to air long-simmering grievances about the search giant’s market dominance. It also has opened a … Read more

Tech, Media & Telecom Roundup: Market Talk

Updated Nov. 8, 2023 4:52 pm ET The latest Market Talks covering Technology, Media and Telecom. Published exclusively on Dow Jones Newswires at 4:20 ET, 12:20 ET and 16:50 ET. 1622 ET – Disney is cutting costs faster than it expected. CEO Bob Iger hinted with third-quarter earnings three months ago that the company was … Read more

Canada Orders Phone Companies to Offer Wholesale Access to Fiber-Optic Broadband

OTTAWA—Canada’s telecommunications regulator on Monday ordered the country’s big phone companies to make available their fiber-optic internet services to small independent broadband providers, saying this would improve access to higher-speed internet for households and bolster competition in the sector. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said the decision was triggered by worries over a decline … Read more

Big Western Brands Are Getting Squeezed by Chinese Belt-Tightening

Updated Nov. 5, 2023 12:01 am ET HONG KONG—Leading Western brands in China are feeling the pinch from the country’s consumer slump. From luxury cosmetics firm Estée Lauder to apparel maker Canada Goose and iPhone seller Apple, companies are reporting weak results, with some saying customers aren’t reopening their wallets almost a year after Covid-related … Read more

Samsung Electronics’ Third-Quarter Net Profit Beats Consensus

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics said its third-quarter net profit fell 38% on the year but more than tripled on the quarter to beat market consensus, as its semiconductor business narrowed losses amid signs of recovery in demand. The world’s largest maker of memory chips, smartphones and televisions said Tuesday that net profit came … Read more

BlackBerry Taps Richard Lynch as Interim CEO

BlackBerry named board member Richard Lynch as interim chief executive officer after current CEO John Chen retires Nov. 4. The Waterloo, Ontario-based cybersecurity company said that Chen’s resignation follows the conclusion of the Project Imperium evaluation, a review of its business which led the company to decide to split into two separate units. Copyright ©2023 … Read more

Tech, Media & Telecom Roundup: Market Talk

Updated Oct. 24, 2023 5:04 pm ET The latest Market Talks covering Technology, Media and Telecom. Published exclusively on Dow Jones Newswires at 4:20 ET, 12:20 ET and 16:50 ET. 1640 ET – Microsoft’s booming cloud business made up for a still-lagging personal computing segment. The tech giant’s cloud revenue increased 24% to $31.8 billion, … Read more

Google and Apple Want You to Log In With Passkeys. Here’s What That Means.

The biggest tech companies want you to ditch passwords for passkeys. You’re probably wondering: What even is a passkey? And do I have to use it? It’s a new type of login that uses cryptographic magic on your phone or laptop. Passkeys are safer than typing “password123,” and more convenient, since all you do is … Read more