Israel Rebuffs Calls for Palestinian Authority to Rule Gaza

Updated Nov. 12, 2023 1:29 pm ET Israel is diverging from the U.S. and Arab world on a postwar solution for Gaza, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out a role for the Palestinian Authority, which Washington and some Arab leaders prefer to take over from Hamas. Netanyahu, under pressure from his right-wing political base, … Read more

Killing Federal Agencies Is Easier Said Than Done

Nov. 11, 2023 10:00 am ET WASHINGTON—Republican candidates for president are pledging to shut down federal agencies if they win the White House. There is almost no chance they will succeed. Closing a government agency requires action by Congress. Convincing a majority of the House and Senate to close down agencies, many of which distribute … Read more

Ordinary Russians Feel Wrath of Putin’s Repression

In a city in southern Siberia, security forces detained a man in October for reading antiwar poetry at a literary event. Authorities in Novosibirsk fined a woman 15,000 rubles around the same time for tearing down a poster exalting Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. In St. Petersburg, a man was briefly detained in September for holding a … Read more

House Speaker Mike Johnson Unveils Plan to Ward Off Government Shutdown

Updated Nov. 11, 2023 4:56 pm ET WASHINGTON—House Speaker Mike Johnson (R., La.) unveiled a two-step short-term spending proposal that would keep money flowing to federal agencies into early next year, in a bid to stave off a partial government shutdown later this week.  Johnson presented the plan on Saturday, a week before federal agencies … Read more

As Migrants Keep Coming, El Paso Spends Millions to Keep Them Off the Streets

Nov. 11, 2023 11:00 am ET EL PASO, Texas—Like most border cities, El Paso has long tried to have as little involvement as possible in caring for the migrants who come and go every day. Federal authorities arrested and processed people who entered the U.S. illegally, while local nonprofits have helped those who needed assistance … Read more

The Joe Manchin Experience – WSJ

Joe Manchin’s decision Thursday not to run for re-election to the Senate and instead explore whether he can “mobilize the middle” in American politics has Democrats in a tizzy, and we can see why. They’re one seat closer to losing their Senate majority in 2024. And they especially fear that the West Virginia Democrat might … Read more

Why Third-Party Candidates Threaten Biden in 2024

President Biden and Donald Trump, the likely contenders for the White House next year, are about evenly divided in polling. In a head-to-head race, many polls find an outright tie, with few voters undecided. Most voters, however, will have several choices beyond Trump and Biden—a fact that is not reflected in many public opinion polls. … Read more

Spain’s Prime Minister Toys With Separatism

Remember last summer when everyone was afraid that a far-right party could perform well in a Spanish election and endanger Spain and the European Union? Well it’s starting to look like the alternative was worse, after Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Thursday struck a deal with regional separatists to stay in power. Spain has suffered … Read more

Joe Manchin Won’t Run for Re-Election in West Virginia

Updated Nov. 9, 2023 5:52 pm ET WASHINGTON—Centrist Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said Thursday that he won’t run for another term in deep red West Virginia, delivering a blow to his party’s long shot effort to hold on to its narrow majority and renewing speculation about whether he could pursue a presidential bid. Manchin, 76 … Read more

Hamas Attack Reminds Europeans of the Virtue of Sovereignty

Europe has discovered that it has an anti-Semitism crisis on its hands. And now some politicians claim to have found the answer: Deport the anti-Semites. It’s a response as illuminating as it is futile. The shock to Europe has been the “pro-Palestinian” protests on the streets in the weeks since Hamas’s barbaric invasion of Israel. … Read more