Women make up less than 10 pc of Lok Sabha poll candidates: ADR

Phase 5 had the fewest candidates at 695, with 82 women, while in phase 6, affidavits of 866 out of 869 candidates were analysed, and there were 92 women. In phase 7, there will be 904 candidates candidates, with only 95 women. This significant gender imbalance has sparked criticism from political analysts and activists, who … Read more

Pakistan’s Islamic Leader Fazlur Rehman Says Imran Khan’s Party Has Right To Hold Rallies

Last Updated: April 29, 2024, 23:58 IST Rehman also lamented the failure to implement recommendations from the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), emphasising the importance of upholding Islamic principles. (Reuters File Photo) Rehman, the chief of his faction of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F), made a blistering speech in the National Assembly Pakistan’s leading right-wing … Read more

What impact will the Bangladesh election have on regional geopolitics?

Bangladesh’s parliamentary elections on 7 January have drawn international attention. The Biden administration in the US, citing “democratic violations”, has imposed visa restrictions on government and opposition members, urging “unconditional dialogue” between political parties of Bangladesh. On the other hand, Russia accuses the US of interference, a claim the other side dismissed as “Russian propaganda”. … Read more

Cong leaders urge voters to vote for ‘guarantee’ of their happiness

Urging the people of the state to vote for the guarantees of her party, Congress General secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said, “My dear brothers and sisters of Rajasthan, your every single vote for is for your beautiful future, for your rights and for Congress guarantees. “Free treatment upto Rs 50 lakh, Rs 10,000 to women … Read more

Killing Federal Agencies Is Easier Said Than Done

Nov. 11, 2023 10:00 am ET WASHINGTON—Republican candidates for president are pledging to shut down federal agencies if they win the White House. There is almost no chance they will succeed. Closing a government agency requires action by Congress. Convincing a majority of the House and Senate to close down agencies, many of which distribute … Read more

The Joe Manchin Experience – WSJ

Joe Manchin’s decision Thursday not to run for re-election to the Senate and instead explore whether he can “mobilize the middle” in American politics has Democrats in a tizzy, and we can see why. They’re one seat closer to losing their Senate majority in 2024. And they especially fear that the West Virginia Democrat might … Read more

Direct taxes jump, in lift for spending

New Delhi: Net direct tax collections in FY24 jumped 22% from a year earlier to touch ₹10.6 trillion, official data released on Friday showed, creating additional spending room for the government in an election year. Provisional data till 9 November showed the government has so far collected 58% of the ₹18.2 trillion budgeted for FY24. … Read more

Retail derivatives inflows in NSE at 100x that of cash

Mumbai: Retail investors pumped in a hundred times more money into derivatives than shares on the NSE’s secondary market in the first half of FY24, and all indications are that the trend may continue into Samvat 2080 as well. The reasons: Prevailing bullish sentiment in broader markets, heightened volatility ahead of elections, entry of a … Read more

Why Third-Party Candidates Threaten Biden in 2024

President Biden and Donald Trump, the likely contenders for the White House next year, are about evenly divided in polling. In a head-to-head race, many polls find an outright tie, with few voters undecided. Most voters, however, will have several choices beyond Trump and Biden—a fact that is not reflected in many public opinion polls. … Read more

Spain’s Prime Minister Toys With Separatism

Remember last summer when everyone was afraid that a far-right party could perform well in a Spanish election and endanger Spain and the European Union? Well it’s starting to look like the alternative was worse, after Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Thursday struck a deal with regional separatists to stay in power. Spain has suffered … Read more