Israeli diplomat’s son beaten up in Florida jail over discussion on sausages

The son of an Israeli diplomat was assaulted in a Florida jail due to a conversation about sausages. The 19-year-old inmate, Avraham Gil, was arrested last month after allegedly running over a police official with his motorcycle, the New York Post reported. Gil was allegedly beaten up on Wednesday at the Miami-Dade County jail. The … Read more

Viral Video: Muslim Woman At American Airport Harassed By Man, Called ‘Terrorist’ – Reports

Published on Nov 28, 2023 10:48 AM IST A video reportedly shot at an airport in the United States of America has gone viral. The video purportedly shows a man harassing a Muslim woman wearing a hijab. He allegedly called her a “terrorist” and said that all Muslims hate America. Some strangers reportedly came to … Read more

Why Did Hurricane Otis Get So Deadly So Fast? America’s Top Expert Explains

Listen to article (2 minutes) This year’s Atlantic hurricane season has been above normal, with 20 named storms—three of which reached the U.S. In August, Tropical Storm Harold struck Texas with winds of around 45 mph, causing minor damage, and Hurricane Idalia battered northeast Florida’s Big Bend region with 125 mph winds, leaving four people … Read more

DeSantis a ‘wounded falling bird’: Trump mocks Republican rival at Florida summit

Former US President Donald Trump launched a fresh attack on his Republican rival Ron DeSantis, mocking the Florida Governor as a ‘wounded falling bird’, as he addressed a GOP event in Florida on Saturday. Trump, who has been dominating the Republican presidential race, addressing the Florida GOP Freedom Summit, referred to the Florida Governor as … Read more

How Ron DeSantis Lost Florida to Donald Trump

KISSIMMEE, Fla.—Ron DeSantis has been trying to persuade voters in Iowa and New Hampshire to back his presidential bid, but he has failed to make the case in his own state of Florida. From polls to interviews with party activists and elected officials across the state, there are abundant signs Donald Trump would trounce the … Read more

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos to Leave Seattle for Miami

Updated Nov. 3, 2023 3:34 pm ET Jeff Bezos says he is moving from Seattle to Miami, where he’ll be near his parents, closer to some operations of his space company—and where he also could end up paying less in taxes. The founder and former CEO posted his plans on Instagram Thursday. “I want … Read more

In A First, Walt Disney World Resort In US Hosts Diwali Festivities

The festival kicked off with an official parade at Disney Springs. (File photo) New York: In a first, Diwali festivities reverberated at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida as hundreds of dancers showcased the culture and heritage of India through performances in celebration of the festival of lights for a global audience at the iconic … Read more

US Gun Violence 2 Dead 18 Injured As Halloween Festivities In Florida Tampa Tunr Violent 1 Suspect Held

Halloween celebrations took a devastating turn in Tampa, Florida, as a confrontation between two groups resulted in a deadly shooting in the early hours of Sunday morning. The incident left two people dead and 18 others hospitalised, according to local authorities cited by news agency Associated Press. One suspect is in custody, and law enforcement … Read more

Man Tries To Mislead Police With “Johnny Yates Doesn’t Live Here” Sign

Four other people were arrested along with the main suspect. (Representational Pic) In an attempt to throw the police off his trail, a man in Florida placed a sign outside his house, bearing the words: “Johnny Yates does NOT live here!!” However, his efforts proved futile. Mr Yates, aged 41, faced charges of aggravated battery, … Read more

US School Aired This Horror Movie For Students, Left Them Traumatized

Some students were “seriously affected” by the movie. A school in Florida, United States, has come under fire after a mathematics teacher showed a horror movie to fourth graders which left them traumatised, as per a report in the New York Post. The students were expecting to have a fun day at school, however, it … Read more