Hamas Says It Will Not Agree To Truce That Does Not End War In Gaza

Mediators have been unable to broker a new truce like the week-long ceasefire last November Jerusalem: A senior Hamas official insisted late Saturday that the group would “not agree under any circumstances” to a truce in Gaza that did not explicitly include a complete end to the war. The official, who asked not to be … Read more

Iran vows to avenge embassy strike by Israel but without major escalation, say sources

Iran has signalled to Washington that it will respond to Israel’s attack on its Syrian embassy in a way that aims to avoid major escalation and it will not act hastily, as Tehran presses demands including a Gaza truce, Iranian sources said. Iran’s message to Washington was conveyed by Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian during … Read more

Pentagon Chief Says Civilian Death Toll ‘Far Too High’ In Gaza Day After US Abstained From Key UN Vote

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Tuesday said that the civilian death toll is “far too high” in the Gaza Strip, expressing concern to Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, Al-Jazeera reported. The development follows a United Nations Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in the war-torn Palestinian enclave. On Monday, despite the US … Read more

Benjamin Netanyahu Cancels Israeli Delegation’s US Visit Over UNSC Gaza Ceasefire Vote | World News

WASHINGTON: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called off a crucial delegation trip to Washington in response to the United States’ decision not to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution urging an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during the holy month of Ramzan. White House National Security Communications Advisor John Kirby expressed bewilderment at Netanyahu’s move, … Read more

Antony Blinken Says “Gaps Are Narrowing” In Gaza Truce Talks

Antony Blinken is on a tour of the Middle East to secure a deal for the ceasefire in Gaza. Cairo: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Thursday that “gaps are narrowing” in ongoing talks in Qatar aimed at reaching a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of hostages. The United States is “continuing to … Read more

Gaza Hunger Warnings Grow Amid Ceasefire Talks

A UN-backed assessment meanwhile said 300,000 people in the territory’s north would face famine. Palestinian Territories: Tensions surged as Hamas’s chief accused Israel on Tuesday of sabotaging talks for a Gaza truce after it raided the devastated Palestinian territory’s largest hospital for a second time. Months of war have pushed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians … Read more

Gaza Truce Deal By Ramadan “Tough” | Dozens Of “Hamas Terrorists” Killed | Hezbollah Hits “IDF Base”

US President Joe Biden said it’s “looking tough” for a temporary ceasefire agreement in Gaza by the start of Ramadan. The CENTCOM* released a statement denying that US humanitarian aid airdropped into Gaza caused the death of several Palestinians. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. … Read more

Biden Puts Gaza Ceasefire Ball In Hamas’ Court; Netanyahu Allows Muslims At Al-Aqsa Mosque

Published on Mar 06, 2024 01:38 PM IST Negotiations for the release of hostages and a ceasefire in Gaza continued for the third day. Negotiators from Hamas, Egypt and Qatar are trying to make a breakthrough in the talks without Israel. Hamas has rejected the deal and maintained that there will be no ceasefire until … Read more

Joe Biden says Gaza ceasefire deal in Hamas’s hands as Ramadan nears

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that a deal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of Israeli hostages was in the hands of Hamas, as delegations held a third day of talks with no sign of a breakthrough. Negotiators from the Palestinian militant group, Qatar and Egypt – … Read more

Joe Biden privately slammed Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called him bad guy, says report

US President Joe Biden has privately slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him a “bad f***ing guy” as the Israel-Hamas war rages and international support for the Jewish nation dwindles. Politico reported that Biden’s private ripping of Netanyahu was because the US President had grown suspicious of the Israeli Prime Minister. Biden’s deep-seated fear … Read more