Iran President’s Last Moment Cancellation Of Trip To Anti-Israel Ally Turkey: Cause A Secret | Hamas

Published on Nov 28, 2023 06:29 PM IST Amid a lull in fighting in Gaza as the ceasefire deal is extended, Iran’s President reportedly cancelled his trip to Turkey at the last moment. Ebrahim Raisi was expected to fly to Ankara on November 28, as per an announcement by his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan … Read more

US Tells Israel Any Ground Campaign in Southern Gaza Must Limit Further Civilian Displacement

Published By: Sheen Kachroo Last Updated: November 28, 2023, 16:13 IST Washington D.C., United States of America (USA) The Israelis have been receptive when administration officials have raised these concerns, the official said. (Image: Reuters File) Amid mounting pressure about the rising Palestinian death toll, the White House has begun to put pressure on Israel … Read more

Hamas Fighters, Hostages Wave Goodbye To Each Other; Talks On To Extend Israel-Gaza Ceasefire

Updated on Nov 27, 2023 01:15 PM IST Hamas released the third batch of hostages on November 26. The captors and captives were seen waving to each other as the latter were released. Meanwhile, negotiations are underway to extend the ceasefire which is scheduled to expire on November 27 after four days. US President Joe … Read more

Meet 17 hostages freed by Hamas on four day ceasefire prisoners hostage swap deal with Israel

A third batch of Israel and foreign hostages was released from Hamas captivity on Sunday evening as the group arrived in Israel. They numbered 17, including 14 Israelis and three Thai citizens. The Hamas Group handed over the former captives to the humanitarian organisation Red Cross and were further taken for medical examination. Among those … Read more

Win For Hamas As Israel Frees ‘Palestinian Bomber’ Israa Jaabis Under Gaza Hostage Deal | Watch

Published on Nov 26, 2023 09:45 PM IST Prominent Palestinian Israa Jaabis was set free by Israel as part of a deal with Hamas in exchange for hostages. Jaabis returned home after spending eight years in an Israeli prison. Jaabis was 31 when she was convicted of allegedly detonating a gas cylinder in her car … Read more

Gaza Strip most dangerous place in the world for a child: UNICEF exec dir

An alarming humanitarian crisis is unfolding in the Gaza Strip, with an estimated 5,500 children reported killed since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas conflict on 7 October. This shocking toll equals the total number of children killed in armed conflicts globally in 2021 and 2022 combined, as per United Nations figures. On 22 November, UNICEF … Read more

Israel, Qatar And Egypt Postponed Hostage Swap Deal With Hamas For A Day: US | World News

New Delhi: The hostage swap deal between Israel and Hamas, which was supposed to start on Thursday, has been postponed by a day, a senior US official said. The official said that the decision was made by Israel, Qatar and Egypt, with the US being informed. The official said that more time was needed to … Read more

Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch long-range missiles toward Israel in new attack

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have said that they have launched long-range missiles toward Israel, in a new operation to avenge the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian enclave of Gaza Strip. “The winged missiles targeted various military targets of the Israeli entity in Eilat,” the militia’s spokesman Yehya Sarea said on Wednesday in a statement aired by … Read more

Hamas Offered Hostage Deal Before Israel’s Ground Attack; Netanyahu Ignored? Full Inside Details

Published on Nov 22, 2023 10:56 PM IST On Day 47 of their latest war, Israel and Hamas announced that they had reached an agreement for release of some hostages in exchange for freedom for Palestinian prisoners, and a 4-day ceasefire. Now, a report has revealed inside details of the hectic negotiations which began soon … Read more