The Militia at the Center of the Darfur Genocide Kills Hundreds in Sudan

Listen to article (2 minutes) The gunmen arrived on motorcycles and in the backs of Toyota pickups, brandishing Kalashnikovs and dressed in the telltale sand-colored uniforms of Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces militia. Over three days they killed hundreds of men and teenage boys in a Darfur refugee camp, according to witnesses, local human-rights groups and … Read more

As Migrants Keep Coming, El Paso Spends Millions to Keep Them Off the Streets

Nov. 11, 2023 11:00 am ET EL PASO, Texas—Like most border cities, El Paso has long tried to have as little involvement as possible in caring for the migrants who come and go every day. Federal authorities arrested and processed people who entered the U.S. illegally, while local nonprofits have helped those who needed assistance … Read more

Israeli Forces Advance Toward Heart of Gaza City as Humanitarian Crisis Deepens

Updated Nov. 9, 2023 10:29 am ET Listen to article (2 minutes) Israeli troops were advancing toward the heart of Gaza City, engaging in heavy gunbattles and ratcheting up pressure on neighborhoods that have become a refuge for tens of thousands of Palestinians. The Israeli military said Thursday it captured an area on the western … Read more

Many Israelis Are Refugees From Arab Lands

As people around the world demonstrate for Palestinian rights, we shouldn’t overlook another group of Middle Eastern refugees who also have suffered for decades but whose plight is seldom discussed: the displaced Jewish refugees from Arab lands. I should know; I am one of them. Our story needs to be told. I was born in … Read more

Egypt Weighs Letting In Palestinians From Gaza

Updated Oct. 15, 2023 6:29 pm ET CAIRO—Egypt is coming under intense pressure to allow refugees to cross the border and escape an Israeli bombing campaign and expected ground invasion. Copyright ©2023 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 87990cbe856818d5eddac44c7b1cdeb8

Desperate to Flee Africa, Migrants Accidentally Stow Away on Ships to Brazil

African arrivals are tricked to believe they were headed for the U.S. or Europe.

U.S. Push to Evacuate Americans from Gaza Falters Amid Egyptian Demands

Egypt wants deal for aid to Gaza before letting foreigners exit, officials say; Palestinians offered temporary travel corridor to southern Gaza Palestinians with dual citizenship wait for permission to enter Egypt from Gaza at the Rafah border crossing. ibraheem abu mustafa/Reuters

How to Solve the Migrant Crisis

Let’s get back to a U.S.-led growth agenda for the region. It has worked before. Source link

Biden’s Border Wall Plans Meet Resistance in South Texas: ‘This Is My Backyard’

By Alicia A. Caldwell | Photographs by Verónica G. Cárdenas for The Wall Street Journal Source link

New York City Mayor Tries to Dissuade Migrants from Heading to U.S.

In a visit to a remote area of Colombia, Mayor Eric Adams instead called for a collaborative solution to the illegal migration that has put pressure on the Big Apple. Source link