Five rockets fired from Iraq strike US military base in Syria

At least five rockets were launched from Iraq’s town of Zummar towards a US military base in northeastern Syria on Sunday, two Iraqi security sources told Reuters. The attack against US forces is the first since early February when Iranian-backed groups in Iraq stopped their attacks against US troops. The attack comes one day after … Read more

Tensions Escalate In Middle East: Iraq-Backed Armed Group Hits Israeli Naval Base With Drone Missile | World News

New Delhi: The Islamic Resistance of Iraq, an umbrella group of Iran-backed armed groups in the region, on Tuesday shared a video footage of launching a kamikaze drone missile on the ‘Tel Nof’ airbase of Israel. The attack comes in the disputed territory which is claimed by both – Israel and Palestine. While the footage … Read more

‘Stop Strikes Else…’: Iraq Threatens U.S. At United Nations After Deadly Attacks | Watch

Published on Feb 07, 2024 12:36 AM IST Iraq has lambasted the U.S. for the latest airstrikes in the western part of the country. Baghdad warned the U.S. against the escalation of the crises in the Middle East region. Iraq at the UNSC meeting said that U.S. attacks on its soil could result in a … Read more

Days After Jordan Attack US Launches Retaliatory Airstrikes Against Iran Linked Targets Syria Iraq

New Delhi: The United States military on Friday launched airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, targeting over 85 locations associated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) and its supported militias, news agency Reuters reported. This action was in response to the recent attack in Jordan, which resulted in the death of three U.S. troops. These air attacks, … Read more

Iran-Backed Group Kataib Hezbollah Suspends Military Operations On US Troops In Iraq

Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah is one of the elite Iraqi armed factions closest to Iran. Baghdad: ┬áIran-aligned Iraqi armed group Kataib Hezbollah announced the suspension of all its military operations against U.S. troops in the region, in a decision aimed at preventing “embarrassment” to the Iraqi government, the group said in a statement. The decision follows … Read more

U.S. Strikes One More Arab Country Near Israel, Says Monitor | Gaza War Spillover

Published on Jan 23, 2024 11:46 PM IST Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a U.S. strike killed two people on the Syria-Iraq border. The group said that the incident happened near Al-Bukamal, near the border with Iraq. The group, which is part of the Syrian opposition, added that more people were also wounded. The … Read more

Houthi Ally In Iraq Pastes Photos On Attack Drone Before Firing At Israel, After U.S. Base Strike

Published on Jan 22, 2024 08:35 PM IST An umbrella organisation of Iraqi groups backed by Iran released footage on January 22, claiming that it showed the launching of a drone strike on Israel in the Golan Heights. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq had earlier claimed responsibility for a missile attack on a US airbase … Read more

Middle East On Verge Of Full-Scale War? Israel-Hamas Conflict Exposes Erosion Of Self-Restraint In Region | World News

The Middle East countries including some from Asia have now been exposed amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. After Israel’s counter-offensive in Gaza, Lebanon’s Hezbollah opened a front against Jerusalem as well. Now, countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen have become a direct or indirect party of the conflict. The … Read more

U.S. Base Attacked With Ballistic Missiles In Iraq; Several Soldiers Injured | Gaza War Spillover

Published on Jan 20, 2024 10:21 PM IST At least a dozen missiles were fired on Saturday at a military base used by US-led coalition forces in western Iraq. Al-Asad airbase was targeted by 15 rockets fired from Anbar province, AFP reported. Reuters said U.S. personnel suffered injuries in the attack. A US defence official, … Read more

Iran Missile Attack: Fresh Blasts Heard In Iraq; IRGC Shows Footage Of Strike On ‘Israel Spy HQ’

Published on Jan 16, 2024 02:45 PM IST A day after launching missiles attacks on Iraqi and Syrian territory, Iran released videos of the projectiles being launched from ground-based platforms. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed that the missiles had struck Israeli spy headquarters in Iraq’s Erbil, and ISIS terrorist targets in Syria. Meanwhile, … Read more