Hamas Militants Attack Israeli Tanks As IDF Advances Into Rafah News18

Hamas Militants Attack Israeli Tanks As IDF Advances Into Rafah News18 NEWS18 NEWS18 Varun Dhawan’s Adorable Interaction With Die-Hard … NEWS18 Thousands Of Students & Teachers Hike Through Chin… NEWS18 Thousands Of Protesters March Tbilisi Against “Russian Law” NEWS18 Swedish Police Arrest Pro-Palestinian Protesters O… NEWS18 At Least 300 Dead, Over 1,600 Injured As Deadly … Read more

US France Urge Nationals Avoid Travel To Israel Iran West Braces For Retaliatory Strikes In Middle East

After the United States, France on Friday warned its citizens to “imperatively refrain from travel in the coming days to Iran, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories”, the foreign minister’s entourage told AFP. This comes amid the fear of retaliation from Iran days after Israel’s attack on its soil. Iran has threatened reprisals against Israel … Read more

Hamas “Kills Israel Troops, Strikes Merkava Tanks” In Khan Younis | IDF Operation “Failing” In Gaza?

Fourteen Israeli soldiers were killed and many others suffered injuries in the Khan Younis area in southern Gaza on April 6, Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades claimed. The fatalities were reportedly caused by a series of ambushes by Hamas’s armed wing Al-Qassam Brigades. The first ambush took place in the Al-Zanna area in the east of the … Read more

US Urges Israel To Save Lives In Gaza, Says ‘Want War To End As Soon As Possible, But…’

The White House on Thursday said that it wants the Israel-Hamas war to end as soon as possible but added that it won’t dictate the terms and Tel Aviv has the right to take ‘as long as they feel’ to eliminate the Hamas threat, reported news agency ANI. US President Joe Biden earlier said that … Read more

Israeli PM Netanyahu meets troops, says ‘nothing will stop us’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Marom Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces at the Adam Base and met with soldiers from various units on Thursday. He said the Israeli troops were on the outskirts of Gaza City and “nothing will stop us”. The Israeli Prime Minister was briefed by the units’ commanders on … Read more

‘There will be second, third, fourth Al Aqsa against Israel’: Hamas leader

A top Hamas leader has asserted that the Palestinian terror group will repeat the attacks made on Israel on October 7. Hamas had launched a surprise incursion into the Jewish nation by land, air and sea, which has so far killed more than 1,400 people. In an interview with Lebanese TV channel LBC on October … Read more

Israel Hamas War Day 27: What all has happened till now? Watch report | ABP News

<p>Israel Hamas War Day 27: What all has happened till now? Watch report | ABP News</p>

Israel Hamas War: 50 Killed As Israel Again Airstrikes At Gaza Amid Conflict

Israel Hamas War: 50 killed as Israel again airstrikes at Gaza amid conflict | ABP News

Israel Hamas War: Israel’s Massive Attack On Gaza’s Refugee Camps

Israel Hamas War: Israel’s massive attack on Gaza’s refugee camps | ABP News

Israel Hamas War continues to Day 21; Israel's final ultimatum to Hamas | ABP News

<p>Israel Hamas War continues to Day 21; Israel’s final ultimatum to Hamas | ABP News</p>