Waiting for orders on ground operations in Gaza: Israeli defence official

Lieutenant Colonel Amnon Shefler, spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), has confirmed that the IDF is prepared for ground operation in Gaza. In an exclusive interview with India Today TV near the Israel-Gaza border, Shefler said that the IDF was “waiting for orders to enter the Gaza Strip and bring an end to Hamas’ … Read more

Held on safe room’s door for…: Indian nurse recalls Hamas attack on Israel

The Israeli embassy in India on Tuesday shared an Indian nurse’s experience of surviving Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel and successfully keeping terrorists outside the safe room at her employer’s home. The embassy hailed Sabitha and Meera, caregivers working in Israel, as “Indian Superwomen”. The embassy shared a video of Sabitha detailing her experience on … Read more

Video: Hamas terrorist recording attack on Israelis captures his own death

A Hamas terrorist, who was filming the attack in Kibbutz Sufa in southern Israel, managed to capture his own death. The video is from the morning of October 7, when the Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel and infiltrated the nation, as per a report by the Times of Israel. In the video, … Read more

‘Please save Gaza, I beg you…’: Staff working with UN for Palestine refugees appeals for help

Staff and personnel working with the UN agency for Palestine refugees on Sunday described the situation in the Gaza Strip as “catastrophic” amidst Israeli bombardment and appealed for immediate supplies of food, water and medicines for children, pregnant women and elderly in their shelters. The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the … Read more

Hamas did things that Isis did in past: Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In an interview with India Today TV, Acting Deputy Spokesperson of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Joel Lion defended Israel’s actions during the ongoing conflict with Hamas. He condemned the brutality of Hamas, likening them to ISIS, and alleging they have committed terrible acts against Israeli civilians. He stressed that Hamas is the enemy and that Israel … Read more

Water runs out at UN shelters in Gaza as Israeli ground attack looms

Water has run out at UN shelters across Gaza as thousands packed into the courtyard of the besieged territory’s largest hospital as a refuge of last resort from a looming Israeli ground offensive and overwhelmed doctors struggled to care for patients they fear will die once generators run out of fuel. Palestinian civilians across Gaza, … Read more

Watch: India Today reports from warzone as Israel-Hamas war enters Day 9

The ongoing war between Israeli forces and Hamas militants is only escalating, with intensified attacks on both sides. The attacks come in retribution for a weekend attack by Palestinian Hamas militants who breached the border and have killed 1,200 so far in Israel.  Watch this ground report by India Today from the warzone to get … Read more

Hamas putting roadblocks to stop Gazans from leaving: Israel

A day after Israel’s military ordered the evacuation of northern Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces on Saturday said that the terror group Hamas is preventing residents of the Gaza Strip from evacuating by blocking the roads. The Israeli military said that many of the Palestinians are getting stuck in traffic caused by Hamas roadblocks.The IDF … Read more

How American father tracked, located daughter killed by Hamas in Israel

The daughter of Eyal Waldman – founder of a multinational supplier of computer network products called Mellanox – was among the hundreds of innocent civilians who were killed by Hamas after the terror group launched a deadly attack on a music festival in the south of the country on October 7. The 24-year-old Danielle Waldman … Read more

Iran warns Israel of ‘far-reaching consequences’ if ‘Gaza genocide’ not stopped

Iran warned in a social media post on Saturday that if Israel’s “war crimes and genocide” are not stopped then the situation could spiral out of control with “far-reaching consequences.” The post on X by Iran’s mission to the United Nations came after Axios reported Tehran warned Israel – in a message sent via the … Read more