Israeli Airstrikes In Southern Gaza Claim 22 Lives Including 18 Children As US Approves Aid Package | World News

New Delhi: Overnight Israeli airstrikes in the southern Gaza city of Rafah resulted in the deaths of 22 individuals, including 18 children, reported Associated Press citing health officials. The incident occurred as the United States moved forward with plans to authorise billions of dollars in extra military assistance to its ally, Israel. Israel has been bombing … Read more

Israel-Hamas war: Israel expands Gaza offensive, demonstrators demand elections to replace Netanyahu: Top points

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel would not be deterred by genocide charges before the International Court of Justice, as the country kept up bombardments in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. As Sunday marks 100 days of warfighting, with no end in sight, Israel has vowed to press ahead with its offensive to … Read more

‘We Aren’t Stopping And Won’t Stop Until Victory’: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Hamas | World News

Tel Aviv: In a big warning to the Palestinian armed group Hamas, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again affirmed the nation’s unwavering commitment to securing the release of each hostage held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The Prime Minister emphasized that every possible effort is being exerted, including necessary military pressure, to achieve … Read more

‘Gaza Won’t Be ‘Hamastan’ Ever’: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu On War With Hamas | World News

Tel Aviv: Stressing achieving “demilitarisation” of Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he will never allow Palestinian authority to return to the strip, adding that there will be a ‘civil government’ that won’t educate children about “destroying Israel,” Times of Israel reported. He said that Israel won’t allow ‘Hamastan’ to turn into … Read more

IDF ‘Mistakenly’ Kills Three Israeli Hostages In Gaza, PM Netanyahu Calls It ‘Unbearable Tragedy’ | World News

Tel Aviv: The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killed three of its hostages after opening fire on them, mistakenly identifying them as ‘threats’, Times of Israel reported citing IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari. Hagari said the IDF bears responsibility for the “tragic incident.” “This is an area where the soldiers encountered many terrorists, including suicide bombers,” he … Read more

Israel-Hamas 4-Day Truce Begins Today; 13 Hostages To Be Freed In First Batch | World News

TEL AVIV: In a significant development, a four-day cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is set to kick off on Friday morning, as announced by Qatar on Thursday. The cease-fire, scheduled to commence at 7 am local time, will witness the release of 13 women and children hostages at 4 pm. Hostage Lists Exchanged Between … Read more

Nothing Will Stop Us, Says Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu; Joe Biden Calls For Two-State Solution | World News

TEL AVIV: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel will resume its campaign in Gaza with full force once a temporary truce comes to an end. Netanyahu met with security forces inside the Gaza Strip on Sunday. Netanyahu spoke with soldiers and commanders and received a security briefing, according to the statement from … Read more

Gaza’s Two Largest Hospitals Shut Amid Escalating Israeli Raids Against Hamas, Netanyahu Rejects Ceasefire Calls Again | World News

TEL AVIV: In the heart of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the two largest hospitals, Al-Shifa and Al-Quds, are now nonoperational, amplifying the humanitarian crisis in the region. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the critical events: Reports said that nonstop Israeli raids have forced Al-Shifa and Al-Quds, the primary healthcare lifelines for Gazans, to shut … Read more

Israel strikes Hezbollah sites after drone attack; Gaza toll tops 11,000: Top points

The Israel Defense Forces struck several of Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon in response to missile and drone attacks on troops in northern Israel on Friday. According to the Israeli military, an anti-tank-guided missile launched from Lebanon hit an army post near the northern community of Menara. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Israel’s foreign ministry said … Read more

Israel strikes Syria after drone attack; Hamas rocket launcher found on Gaza coast

Over a month into the war which began on October 7, Israel has agreed to a four-hour pause in its strikes on the Gaza Strip. The development was confirmed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said he wanted to “facilitate a safe passage of civilians away from the zone of fighting”. Meanwhile, Israel’s military said … Read more