Israeli military promises thorough investigation into aid convoy deaths in Gaza

The Israeli military on Saturday promised an exhaustive and truthful investigation into the deaths of Palestinians queuing for aid in Gaza this week, an incident that has drawn condemnations and calls for an international inquiry. Gaza Health authorities said 118 people were killed in Thursday’s incident, attributing the deaths to Israeli fire and calling it … Read more

Netanyahu Unveils “Post-War Gaza” Plan | Iran Supplying Hezbollah Weapons Through Syria? Hamas War

The Israeli army is conducting drills “preparing for war in Lebanon”, Army Radio reported on February 23. The Israeli military conducted a training drill “that practices wide-scale combat in the naval arena in coordination with the air force,” Army Radio wrote. Hezbollah says two paramedics and one of its fighters were killed in an Israeli … Read more

Israel Says 2 Hostages Rescued From Hamas Captivity In Gaza

Israel says around 130 are still in Gaza, but 29 are thought to be dead. Jerusalem, Undefined: The Israeli military announced early Monday that two hostages taken by Hamas during its October 7 attacks were rescued in an overnight operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah. The military said in a statement that “during … Read more

Israel: Hostages killed mistakenly by Israeli military in Gaza were holding white flag, says official

Three Israeli hostages killed mistakenly in Gaza by Israeli forces had been holding up a white flag, a military official said on Saturday, citing an initial enquiry into the incident that has shaken the country. A soldier saw the hostages emerging tens of metres from Israeli forces on Friday in Shejaiya, an area of intense … Read more

Israel Army Says Will Aid Evacuation Of Babies From Gaza Hospital

“We will provide the assistance needed,” said Israel military spokesman Tel Aviv, Israe: The Israeli military said Saturday it will aid the evacuation of babies from Gaza’s largest hospital, amid intense fighting around the facility between soldiers and Palestine’s Hamas group. “The staff of the Al-Shifa hospital has requested that tomorrow, we will help the … Read more

Baby Among Two Patients Killed At Hospital Besieged By Israel Says Gaza Official Hamas Palestine

New Delhi: A baby died in an incubator and another person was killed by a shell in the intensive care unit of Al Shifa hospital in Gaza amid Israel’s military operations against Hamas, Palestinian health ministry spokesperson said, news agency Reuters reported. According to the locals, the Israeli troops have been fighting Hamas militants all … Read more

Israel Says It Exposed Hamas Network Beneath And Next To Gaza Hospitals

“Hamas systematically exploits hospitals as part of its war machine,” said Israel (Representational) Jerusalem: The Israeli military on Sunday said it has exposed a network of Hamas tunnels, command centres and rocket launchers beneath and adjacent to hospitals in northern Gaza. “Hamas systematically exploits hospitals as part of its war machine,” Israel’s chief military spokesperson … Read more

Israel claims responsibility for attack outside Gaza’s largest hospital

Citing initial reports, the UN body said that at least 13 people were killed and 26 injured. Earlier Friday, a spokesman for the Gaza-based Palestinian Health Ministry had also said that the ambulance was in a medical convoy from the hospital, traveling to the Rafah border crossing, and had informed the International Committee of the … Read more

IDF Wipes Out Top Hamas Commander In Gaza; 2,670 Palestinians, 1,400 Israelis Killed In War

Published on Oct 16, 2023 10:23 AM IST The Israeli defence forces continued to bombard northern Gaza in the hunt for Hamas militants and their commanders who planned the October 7 surprise attacks. In the latest, commander of Hamas’ southern wing on security was wiped out in an air strike. A massive fireball also erupted … Read more

An Unusual Asset Of Hamas Is Complicating Israel’s Retaliation Plan

Israeli armoured vehicles advance towards the border with the Gaza Strip today. Though Hamas is no match for the technological sophistication of the Israeli army, the group has one very unusual asset: a vast network of secret subterranean tunnels. Since Israel began to grasp the full extent of the labyrinth in 2014, it has spent … Read more