Hamas Militants Attack Israeli Tanks As IDF Advances Into Rafah News18

Hamas Militants Attack Israeli Tanks As IDF Advances Into Rafah News18 NEWS18 NEWS18 Varun Dhawan’s Adorable Interaction With Die-Hard … NEWS18 Thousands Of Students & Teachers Hike Through Chin… NEWS18 Thousands Of Protesters March Tbilisi Against “Russian Law” NEWS18 Swedish Police Arrest Pro-Palestinian Protesters O… NEWS18 At Least 300 Dead, Over 1,600 Injured As Deadly … Read more

Israelis Of Iranian Origin Caught Within Anger And Nostalgia

Many think an Israeli response to Iran’s attack will come only after the religious holiday. Jerusalem: Israelis of Iranian heritage are torn between nostalgia for their country of origin and anger at its leaders following Tehran’s unprecedented attack on Israel last weekend. Many believe this is not the moment for Israel to retaliate. “I hope … Read more

Hezbollah Attacks IDF Base | “Israel Will Take Decisions On Iran”, Netanyahu Snubs Restraint Calls

Israel’s army said 14 soldiers were wounded as Hezbollah claimed it had struck a military base in northern Israel. “Six soldiers were severely injured, two moderately injured and six others were lightly injured,” the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it targeted a building used by the Israeli military … Read more

Israel, Iran Trade Threats, Putin Warns On New Round of Confrontation, “Jordan Won’t Become Warzone”

Israel’s military displayed an Iranian ballistic missile that it said had been retrieved from the Dead Sea. The Iranian foreign minister has warned that any Israeli retaliation against Iran would be met with an “immediate and severe” response. Kani told state TV that Tehran’s response following any Israeli retaliation would come in seconds, not hours. … Read more

Israel’s Jammers Futile Against Iranian “NO-GPS” Missiles? US May “Intervene” If Tehran Triggers War

Iran’s Fars news agency reported that all missiles built in Iran over the past 12 years do not utilise international positioning systems including the GPS. A source in the aerospace forces of IRGC*, commenting on reports of GPS jamming in Israel, made the revelation to Sputnik. This comes after Israel’s security agencies reportedly confirmed that … Read more

Israel threatens ‘direct strikes’ if attacked from Iranian territory

Israel’s foreign minister threatened on Wednesday that his country’s forces would strike Iran directly if the Islamic Republic launched an attack from its territory against Israel. Foreign Minister Israel Katz’s comments came amid heightened tensions between the rival powers following the killings of Iranian generals in a blast at the Iranian consulate in Syria earlier … Read more

“Don’t Try Us…” Israel Warns As Ramadan Begins | IDF Fails To Assassinate Hamas Leader | Gaza War

Far-right Israeli Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir is no longer in charge of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. the Palestinian Islamic Jihad warned Israel “not to play with fire” after the regime imposed restrictions on access to the al-Aqsa Mosque. In an interview with Fox News, PM Netanyahu said perceived disagreements between the US and Israel make it … Read more

IDF Firing On Gazans Rushing For Food Aid, Israel Says Trucks Crushed Many To Avoid Loot

Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) shot dead over 100 people as they rushed towards aid trucks in Gaza, the Hamas-run health ministry said. More than 750 people were also hurt in the Israeli firing at Gaza City’s Nabulsi roundabout, the ministry said. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar believes that Hamas … Read more

Netanyahu Unveils “Post-War Gaza” Plan | Iran Supplying Hezbollah Weapons Through Syria? Hamas War

The Israeli army is conducting drills “preparing for war in Lebanon”, Army Radio reported on February 23. The Israeli military conducted a training drill “that practices wide-scale combat in the naval arena in coordination with the air force,” Army Radio wrote. Hezbollah says two paramedics and one of its fighters were killed in an Israeli … Read more

Israel-Hamas war: Israel says ‘significant gaps’ in hostage deal, okays UN visit to northern Gaza

Israel on Sunday (local time) said there were “significant gaps” after talks were held with the US, Qatar and Egypt regarding Israel’s pause in military operations against Hamas in Gaza and securing the release of the remaining hostages. However, Israel called the negotiations “constructive” and said they would continue in the week ahead, a possible … Read more