Netanyahu Unveils “Post-War Gaza” Plan | Iran Supplying Hezbollah Weapons Through Syria? Hamas War

The Israeli army is conducting drills “preparing for war in Lebanon”, Army Radio reported on February 23. The Israeli military conducted a training drill “that practices wide-scale combat in the naval arena in coordination with the air force,” Army Radio wrote. Hezbollah says two paramedics and one of its fighters were killed in an Israeli … Read more

No ceasefire in Gaza without return of hostages: Israeli PM’s message to Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday rejected growing calls for a ceasefire in Gaza until all of the more than 240 hostages captured by militant Palestinian group Hamas during its October 7 attacks are returned. “There will be no ceasefire without the return of the hostages. This should be completely removed from the lexicon,” … Read more

‘If you get there ahead of us…’: Israel tells Gazans to find, kill Hamas chief

As Israel intensified its ground assault against Hamas in Gaza, Defence Minister Yoav Gallant on Saturday (local time) called on the people of the Palestinian enclave to find out and kill the terror group’s Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar, saying if they did so “it would shorten the war”. He made the comments as the Israeli … Read more

‘Bring hostages back’: Massive protest in Tel Aviv over Netanyahu’s war response

Thousands demonstrated in Israel on Saturday, as pressure mounts on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his government’s lack of preparedness for the October 7 attacks and its handling of the ensuing hostage crisis. The attacks by Gaza’s ruling Islamist movement Hamas took the Israeli military and political establishment by surprise and killed more than 1,400 … Read more

Israel-Gaza war Day 29: Benjamin Netanyahu opposes ceasefire unless Hamas frees all hostages. Top-10 updates

Israel-Gaza war top-10 updates: As the war between Israel and Hamas enters its 29th day, the Prime Minister has rejected US calls for a humanitarian pause in the Gaza region. The Israeli military has continued to exchange fire with Hamas militants in Gaza. Gaza’s living conditions, already dire before the fighting, have deteriorated further. Food … Read more

Israeli PM Netanyahu meets troops, says ‘nothing will stop us’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Marom Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces at the Adam Base and met with soldiers from various units on Thursday. He said the Israeli troops were on the outskirts of Gaza City and “nothing will stop us”. The Israeli Prime Minister was briefed by the units’ commanders on … Read more

‘There will be second, third, fourth Al Aqsa against Israel’: Hamas leader

A top Hamas leader has asserted that the Palestinian terror group will repeat the attacks made on Israel on October 7. Hamas had launched a surprise incursion into the Jewish nation by land, air and sea, which has so far killed more than 1,400 people. In an interview with Lebanese TV channel LBC on October … Read more

Israel Hamas War Day 27: What all has happened till now? Watch report | ABP News

<p>Israel Hamas War Day 27: What all has happened till now? Watch report | ABP News</p>

Israel Hamas War: 50 Killed As Israel Again Airstrikes At Gaza Amid Conflict

Israel Hamas War: 50 killed as Israel again airstrikes at Gaza amid conflict | ABP News

Israel Hamas War: Israel’s Massive Attack On Gaza’s Refugee Camps

Israel Hamas War: Israel’s massive attack on Gaza’s refugee camps | ABP News