Hamas Militants Attack Israeli Tanks As IDF Advances Into Rafah News18

Hamas Militants Attack Israeli Tanks As IDF Advances Into Rafah News18 NEWS18 NEWS18 Varun Dhawan’s Adorable Interaction With Die-Hard … NEWS18 Thousands Of Students & Teachers Hike Through Chin… NEWS18 Thousands Of Protesters March Tbilisi Against “Russian Law” NEWS18 Swedish Police Arrest Pro-Palestinian Protesters O… NEWS18 At Least 300 Dead, Over 1,600 Injured As Deadly … Read more

Yemen’s Houthis Fire Missiles At British Oil Tanker Bound For India | English News | News18 | N18V

Yemen’s Houthis Fire Missiles At British Oil Tanker Bound For India | English News | News18 | N18VYemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi group has claimed a new missile attack on Western interests amid Israel’s war on Gaza, this time on a British oil tanker that the United States identified as a Panamanian-flagged vessel carrying crude oil bound … Read more

Iraqi Militia Hints At De-Escalation | IDF Strikes Hezbollah | Israel Warned Against Rafah Offensive

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said it carried out airstrikes against several Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. The CENTCOM* said it shot down a drone over the Gulf of Aden on February 2 and conducted strikes against four Houthi UAVs that were being readied for launch. The Palestinian group started deploying police officers and making … Read more

‘Netanyahu Bragging…’: Palestinian Envoy Rips Israel At UNSC; Watch Fiery Faceoff Over Gaza

Published on Dec 31, 2023 12:56 AM IST A fiery faceoff erupted between Israel and Palestine envoys at the United Nations Security Council last night during. While Palestinian side accused Israel of seeking to wipe out Palestinians in Gaza, Israeli envoy countered him with data of attacks by militants on Israel. Watch.  

‘Where do we go next,’ ask Jews as anti-Semitic incidents explode

A 69-year-old Jewish man died on Monday after he was reportedly hit on the head with a megaphone by a pro-Palestinian protester during counter-rallies in California. On October 30, a lynch mob of hundreds stormed an airport in Dagestan, a Muslim-majority Russian region, looking for Jews on a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel. On October … Read more

G7’s political relevance at stake over Israel-Gaza response

The Group of Seven (G7) bloc of wealthy democracies risks eroding its relevance as a force to tackle major geopolitical crises over an apparent struggle between its member nations to agree on a firm, united approach to Israel’s war in Gaza. Foreign ministers from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the European Union and the … Read more

Israeli airstrikes hit ambulance in Gaza, claim 15 lives as war rages

The Israeli military targeted an ambulance in northern Gaza that was evacuating wounded people in Gaza  on Friday, killing 15 people and leaving 60 injured, according to the health ministry controlled by Hamas in the enclave. The Israeli forces claimed that they had specifically targeted this ambulance as it was being utilized by a terrorist … Read more

Israel-Gaza war Day 29: Benjamin Netanyahu opposes ceasefire unless Hamas frees all hostages. Top-10 updates

Israel-Gaza war top-10 updates: As the war between Israel and Hamas enters its 29th day, the Prime Minister has rejected US calls for a humanitarian pause in the Gaza region. The Israeli military has continued to exchange fire with Hamas militants in Gaza. Gaza’s living conditions, already dire before the fighting, have deteriorated further. Food … Read more

Why Netanyahu helped fund Hamas and how that backfired for Israel

Israel has pledged to destroy Hamas. It is, however, ironical that Israel’s governments under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu consciously channelised funds to Hamas and helped it gain the strength and power that it has today. But why did Israel do so and how did its calculations go awry? Benjamin Netanyahu’s government worked with the singular … Read more

Video: Israeli soldiers fire at Hamas terrorists fleeing in car after Oct 7 attack

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Thursday released a “never-before-seen footage” from October 7 of Israeli soldiers firing at a car purportedly controlled by Hamas terrorists. As per the IDF, the soldiers killed the driver of the vehicle which then crashed into a post. After the crash, a man carrying a weapon emerged from the … Read more