Arab Airspace Closed To F-35s, Will Israel Use Non-Nuclear Jericho Ballistic Missile To Strike Iran?

Israel’s highly-classified ballistic missile programme, Jericho, is under spotlight as the country mulls a retaliatory strike on Iran. Iran attacked Israel with more than 330 missiles and drones on April 13 in response to Israel’s bombing of its Syrian consulate. PM Netanyahu appeared to snub allies’ calls for restraint as he vowed that Israel will … Read more

‘Israel Will Decide How To Respond To Iran’: PM Benjamin Netanyahu Tells West Amid Calls For Restraint | World News

Tel Aviv: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has affirmed his nation’s commitment to defending itself autonomously, regardless of advice from allies, amidst escalating tensions with Iran. Netanyahu’s assertion came during a cabinet meeting following discussions with UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who had arrived in Israel in the wake … Read more

Hezbollah Launching Ground Invasion Of Israel? IDF Admits Border Violation On 100th Day Of Hamas War

Published on Jan 14, 2024 02:05 PM IST Israeli defence forces claimed that Hezbollah militants crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory on January 13. In a statement, the IDF said its troops detected Hezbollah militants during patrolling of the Har Dov area near the border with Lebanon. The IDF claimed Hezbollah fighters fired at Israeli … Read more

Israel Eyes Philadelphi Route Control, Ups Strikes In South Gaza; Significance of Corridor Explained

Published on Jan 04, 2024 12:27 PM IST Israeli defence forces are engaged in an attempt to control the Philadelphi Route. The Israeli PM has tasked the IDF with getting hold of the narrow corridor between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Capturing the route tops Benjamin Netanyahu’s government’s objectives in southern Gaza. Netanyahu told Israeli … Read more

Israeli Forces Discover ‘Biggest Ever Hamas Tunnel’, With 4-KM Long Network; See Pics, Videos | World News

GAZA: In a significant development, Israeli forces have uncovered the ”biggest tunnel” ever constructed by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The sprawling underground network, equipped with concrete reinforcement and iron girders, stretches an impressive four kilometres, marking a substantial threat to border security. The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) claimed it to be the ”biggest tunnel … Read more

Israeli Soldier Recalls Being Shot 12 Times By Hamas, Playing Dead To Survive

First Lieutenant Eden Ram is recovering in a hospital. An Israeli soldier has revealed that she was shot 12 times by Hamas operatives during their October 7 attack, giving details about her survival. In an emotional post on, a website with a list of survivor stories, First Lieutenant Eden Ram said she lay motionless … Read more

UN humanitarians voice concern over escalation in West Bank

The incident occurred as Palestinian herders were grazing sheep when settlers reportedly from the Asfar settlement outpost asked them to leave at gunpoint, leading to stone throwing between the Palestinian herders and settlers, before one of the settlers opened live fire. Since 7 October, OCHA has recorded 233 settler attacks against Palestinians, resulting in Palestinian … Read more

Failed missile launched by terrorists hits Gaza hospital, says Israeli military

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Saturday said that a failed missile launched by terrorists in the Gaza Strip hit the Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the enclave and one of the oldest Palestinian health institutions In a post on X, the IDF’s spokesperson Avichay Adraee said in Arabic that an analysis of the military’s … Read more

Israeli army will control Gaza Strip after war ends says Netanyahu

In various interviews, given to American news channels he had spoken differently. Israel claims that that the IDF is in Gaza and has taken control of the Gaza city.  It also claims that several top commanders of Hamas have already been neutralised with the Israeli army even conducting a raid at the office of Hamas … Read more