Rafah Full-Scale Op Soon? Biden Administration Raises Alarm As Israel Amasses Troops | Gaza War

Published on May 14, 2024 02:38 PM IST The United States has assessed that Israel has amassed enough troops on the edge of the city of Rafah in Gaza to launch a full-scale invasion in the coming days. This is seen as defiance of the US President Joe Biden’s repeated warnings to Israeli Prime Minister … Read more

Grenades, missiles, rockets: Israeli military reveals weapons seized by Hamas

The Israeli Defense Forces have released data of weapons they recovered from the Hamas terrorists after they attacked Israel on October 7. Taking to their official X handle, the Israeli military released four images and a video, showing the weapons Hamas terrorists used in their attack on Israel. Hamas’s weapons found by the Israeli Defense … Read more

Hamas Releases Dramatic Footage Of Shelling On Israeli Positions; Al-Qassam Stronghold ‘Captured’

Published on Nov 07, 2023 06:11 PM IST Hamas’ Al-Qassam Brigades have released another video showing firing of mortars, purportedly on Israeli positions in Gaza strip. The IDF on its part claimed to have captured Hamas’ stronghold in the besieged Palestinian enclave during its ongoing ground operation. This as the war in Gaza completed one … Read more

UN Chief says Gaza becoming ‘graveyard for children’ as war marks one month

The Israel-Hamas war marked one month on Tuesday, even as the conflict seems far from over. The Israeli army continued pounding northern Gaza on Monday after severing the region from the rest of the Gaza Strip, with more ground battles looming against the Hamas terrorists. The Israeli military announced late Sunday that they had encircled … Read more

Israel-Hamas war LIVE updates: US House okays $14.5 billion in aid for Israel, calls for humanitarian pause in Gaza

A journalist working with Palestine TV and his family members were killed in Israeli strikes on his apartment in Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip, Al Jazeera reported, citing Palestine’s Wafa news agency. The Palestinian Authority’s television channel accused Israel of conducting a “deliberate assassination” of its journalist Mohammed Abu Hatab and his family. Eleven … Read more

Israeli Soldier Killed In Fighting With Hamas’ Qassam Brigades | Al-Quds Hospital Premises Bombed

Published on Nov 02, 2023 01:46 PM IST An Israeli soldier was killed amid fierce fighting between IDF and Hamas’ Al-Qassam brigades in Northern Gaza. The latest death toll the toll to 17 soldiers, who have been killed since the start of Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza. Earlier, Hamas had released videos of grenades being … Read more

Israel-Hamas war Live updates: Biden promises to combat Islamophobia; Hezbollah says it destroys Israeli drone

Biden’s administration has said it would develop a strategy to combat Islamophobia — an announcement that comes as tensions simmer nationwide over the war between Israel and Hamas. In a statement, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said, “President Biden ran for office to restore the soul of our nation. He is unequivocal: there is no … Read more

Israel steps up attack on Hamas, says entered Gaza overnight, ‘still in field’

The Israeli military said on Saturday it had entered northern Gaza overnight and expanded military operations with infantry and armoured corps in the besieged Palestinian enclave as it steps up its assault on the Hamas militant group. Military spokesperson Daniel Hagari said Israeli forces were still “in the field”, without elaborating. Hagari also said they … Read more

Elite Israeli Navy Unit Raids Hamas Targets From Sea; Lebanon Rockets Hit Syria I Gaza Updates

Published on Oct 28, 2023 01:34 AM IST Israeli forces claimed that several launches from Lebanon fell in the Syrian territory. IDS said that the launches from Lebanon were directed towards Israeli Army posts. Firing incidents were also reported by IDF along the Lebanon border in Avivim and Kibbutz Misgav Am. Israel said that IDF … Read more

Israel Releases Hamas Attack Video Chilling Details Dog Killed Bullets Palestine Un Aid Missile Netanyahu

Some audio recordings, and some videos — a man dies after some militants throw a grenade at him and his two sons who were trying to flee the conflict area. The kids were wounded. Another recording purportedly of a Hamas militant plays as ”killed at least 10 Jews with my bare hands”. The war between Israel and … Read more