‘Blood Money’: Russia Rips ‘Selfish’ Biden; Claims U.S. Cashing In On Two Raging Wars

Published on Nov 20, 2023 05:24 PM IST Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has berated U.S. President Joe Biden. Medvedev claimed that “blood and money” are the essence of U.S. security doctrine. He claimed that the U.S. makes itself safer by starting “wars on other continents.” Medvedev made these scathing comments, accusing Joe Biden of … Read more

Israeli troops arrest Palestinian activist in West Bank over ‘inciting violence’

Israeli troops on Monday arrested a Palestinian activist, regarded in the occupied West Bank as a hero since she was a teenager, on suspicion of inciting violence, but her mother denied the claim and said it was based on a fake Instagram post. The Israeli military said it arrested Ahed Tamimi, 22, in the West … Read more

Israel Claims It Has ‘Cut Gaza In Half’; US Pushes For Pause In Fighting | World News

TEL AVIV: The Israeli Army has claimed a decisive turn in the ongoing conflict, with “significant strikes” targeting Hamas positions and a bold statement that the Gaza Strip has been “cut into two,” according to reports from CNN. Daniel Hagari, an Army spokesperson, announced that Israeli forces have effectively “encircled Gaza City,” resulting in the … Read more

‘No Ceasefire’ In War Against Hamas, Says Israel As Forces Surround Gaza City, Death Toll Surpasses 9,000 | World News

TEL AVIV: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have declared there will be “no ceasefire” as their unrelenting pursuit of Hamas continues, now encircling Gaza City. This comes as the Israel-Hamas conflict enters its twenty-eighth day, resulting in a staggering death toll exceeding 9,000. Israel’s military spokesman, Daniel Hagari, confirmed, “We’re at the height of the … Read more

Israeli Troops Cross Into Gaza For ‘Limited Raids’ On Hamas Sites Ahead Of Ground Attack | World News

TEL AVIV: In a significant development, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) initiated a ”limited ground operation” in Gaza overnight, deploying infantry forces and tanks in the northern part of the Strip. This “targeted raid” marks a crucial step in the escalating conflict between Israel and the Hamas terror group. It serves as preparation for the … Read more

Signs That Israel Planning “Something Big”, Weighing Gaza Ground Assault

IDF soldiers guard an area around Kibbutz Kfar Aza near the border with Gaza. Israeli troops are massing for what’s widely seen as all but inevitable: a ground invasion of Gaza. The public and the national security establishment in Israel are demanding retribution for the attacks by Hamas militants that claimed more than 1,000 Israeli … Read more