Joe Biden says he was US Vice President during Covid-19 pandemic

US President Joe Biden, during a media briefing on Sunday, asserted he was the “Vice President during the (Covid-19) pandemic. Biden also said during the time, former President Barack Obama asked him to go to “Detroit to fix it”. Notably, Mike Pence was the Vice President during the pandemic. A part of Biden’s presser was … Read more

Gaza Protests On US Campuses To Hurt Joe Biden’s Reelection Bid? His Aides Say…

Protests at US universities over Israel’s war in Gaza have disrupted Biden’s events Washington: Several top White House aides say they are confident protests across US college campuses against Israel’s offensive in Gaza will not translate into significantly fewer votes for Joe Biden in November’s election, despite polls showing many Democrats are deeply unhappy about … Read more

Biden Shocks Netanyahu; U.S. ‘Seeks Help’ From Israel’s Arch-Foe Iran To Prevent Middle East War

Published on May 18, 2024 04:37 PM IST U.S. President Joe Biden stuns Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu by sending two top administration officials to hold indirect talks with Iran amid Gaza war and just a month after Tehran’s unprecedented and first-ever attack on Tel Aviv. The two parties held talks on how to avoid a … Read more

US Proposes Historic Law To Reclassify Marijuana As “Low-Risk Drug”

In 2022, Biden became the first president to initiate a federal review of marijuana policy. Washington, United States: US President Joe Biden’s administration formally proposed on Thursday reclassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug, a historic shift that would bring federal policy more in line with public opinion. “No one should be in jail merely … Read more

US House clears bill to force Joe Biden to send weapons to Israel

The Republican-led US House of Representatives voted Thursday to force President Joe Biden to end his hold on high-payload bombs approved for Israel but blocked over concerns about their use in Gaza. The largely symbolic move — it has no chance of becoming law — is a response to Biden suspending the shipments over fears … Read more

Biden’s Big U-Turn After ‘No Arms’ Threat; Moves To Send $1Bn Worth Of Weapons To Israel | Details

Published on May 15, 2024 01:43 PM IST The United States is sending a new arms and ammunition package of more than $1 billion to Israel. The Biden administration notified the US Congress on May 14 about the new weapons shipment, according to US and congressional officials. This comes less than a week after the … Read more

Donald Trump Raises Eyebrows As He Praises Cannibals At New Jersey Poll Rally

Wildwood, United States: Former US president Donald Trump raised eyebrows among his no-nonsense New Jersey crowd at a rally Saturday when he recited a 1963 soul song in its entirety and referenced a fictional cannibal as “great.” In a meandering recitation of “The Snake” during a more than 90-minute speech, Trump used the Oscar Brown … Read more

US working to keep Israel, Hamas engaged in Gaza truce efforts

The US said it was trying to keep Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas engaged “if only virtually” in Gaza truce efforts as a UN agency warned that humanitarian aid stocks in the devastated enclave have hit “the bottom of the barrel.” Hamas said on Friday it would consult with other militant Palestinian factions … Read more

Israel-Gaza War: Biden Warns Netanyahu Of Losing US Support If Rafah Is Invaded, Says ‘No More Weapons….’ | World News

In a first since its war in Gaza, US President Joe Biden publicly warned Israel on Wednesday that if Israeli forces launched a significant assault of Rafah, a city packed with refugees in southern Gaza, the US would cease providing it with weapons. In an interview with CNN, Biden stated, “I made it clear that … Read more

Biden’s Final Threat To Israel Over Rafah Invasion Plan; ‘U.S. Won’t Give Artillery, Offensive Arms’

Published on May 09, 2024 12:39 PM IST US President Joe Biden on May 8 issued a warning to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the Rafah invasion. Speaking with CNN, Biden said, “If Israel goes into Rafah, we’re not going to supply the weapons and artillery shells.” Watch INTERNATIONAL NEWS #rafahinvasion #biden #netanyahu #israel … Read more