‘Ukraine Army In Deep Trouble’: Kremlin Boasts As Zelensky Begs Allies To Shoot Russian Missiles

Published on May 22, 2024 12:28 AM IST The Kremlin termed Ukrainian President hysterical for asking the U.S.-led West and its allies to help intercept Russian missiles. Dmitry Peskov further said that Ukraine was in panic more and that the Ukrainian forces were in deep trouble as Russia was making advances at the frontline. Ukraine’s … Read more

Russian Strikes Kill 9 In Dnipro; Kyiv Says It Downed Putin’s Bomber; Zelensky’s Fresh Weapons Plea

Published on Apr 19, 2024 09:44 PM IST A Russian strike killed at least nine people in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. Ukrainian authorities issued an air raid in multiple regions. Meanwhile, Kyiv claimed to have shot down a Russian strategic bomber for the first time, but Moscow said the bomber crashed due to technical … Read more

Putin Open To Ukraine Dialogue, Cites 2022 Peace Deal As Potential Basis | World News

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed his readiness for dialogue with Ukraine, as Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the aborted 2022 peace deal could serve as the foundation for resuming negotiations.  In a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday, Putin expressed Moscow’s inclination towards reinitiating talks. However, he stressed that any discussions … Read more

Putin Deploys Russian Military To Train Niger Army, Install Air-Defence System As West Looks On

Published on Apr 12, 2024 04:23 PM IST Instructors from the Russian defence ministry has landed in the West African country of Niger to train the army there and install an air-defence system. This comes weeks after the Junta in Niger ditched the U.S.-led West and cozied up to Vladimir Putin, signing an agreement with … Read more

What Is ‘The Havana Syndrome’ And Its Link To Russia? | World News

The Pentagon recently confirmed that a high-ranking Defense Department official who participated in last year’s NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, exhibited symptoms resembling the “Havana syndrome.”  The investigation into the Havana syndrome continues, encompassing a series of health issues dating back to 2016. During this time, personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Havana began … Read more

Houthi ‘Relief’ For Putin & Xi In Red Sea; Rebels Vow To Not Attack Russia, China’s Ships | Report

Published on Mar 22, 2024 10:39 AM IST Yemen-based Houthi rebels have reportedly promised Russia and China that their ships can sail through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden without being attacked. Bloomberg reported that Russian and Chinese diplomats met with Mohammed Abdel Salam, one of the top Houthi political figures, in Oman … Read more

Russia Captures Sieverne & Stepove Villages; Ukrainian Forces Pull Back After ‘Heavy Battles’

Published on Feb 28, 2024 10:05 AM IST The Ukrainian Army pulled back from Sieverne & Stepove villages, handing Russia their third victory after the fall of Avdiivka in east Ukraine’s Donetsk region. The Ukrainian Army said that the retreat took place after heavy battles. The U.S. warned that Ukrainian troops will “very likely” lose … Read more

Alexei Navalny Death: More Than 400 Detained In Russia as Country Mourns Putin’s Fiercest Foe

Last Updated: February 18, 2024, 15:42 IST People lay flowers paying the last respect to Alexei Navalny at the monument, a large boulder from the Solovetsky islands, where the first camp of the Gulag political prison system was established in Moscow on Saturday morning, Feb. 17, 2024. (AP) Hundreds detained in Russia while paying tribute … Read more

Russian Opposition Leader And Vladimir Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Dies In Prison | World News

MOSCOW: In a shocking political development, Russian Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, a known critic of President Vladimir Putin, has tragically passed away while in prison. The announcement, made by the country’s prison service on Friday, has sent shockwaves across the nation and the international community, raising serious questions about political motivations and accountability. Navalny, a prominent figure known … Read more

Watch | ‘Why I’m Interviewing Vladimir Putin,’ Reveals US Host Tucker Carlson In Moscow

Last Updated: February 07, 2024, 06:30 IST Tucker Carlson speaks as conservative leaders and personalities attend Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. December 18, 2023. (Reuters File Photo) Tucker Carlson, controversial American TV host, heads to Moscow for an exclusive interview with Russian President Putin amid heightened tensions Firebrand American talk show … Read more