Bibi Netanyahu's Case to the Civilized World

After Oct. 7, shouldn’t it be self-explanatory that Israel has to defeat Hamas to defend itself?

More Tariffs Is the Last Thing America Needs

Oren Cass’s “Why Trump Is Right About Tariffs” (Review, Oct. 28) errs most fundamentally by assuming higher tariffs can—costs and corruption notwithstanding—reduce the U.S. trade deficit. Leaving aside whether said deficit is actually an economic problem (it isn’t), reams of evidence show that tariffs don’t offer a solution. For example, a 2017 Peterson Institute examination … Read more

Kerala Guv, leading figures initiate thousands of kids into world of letters on Vijayadashami

Vijayadashami in Kerala has become a secular event as thousands of tiny tots on Tuesday, 24 October, from all religions, mostly Hindus, got initiated into the world of letters at functions held in Sarawati temples, cultural organisations, clubs, schools and even media establishments. This time there was hectic activity at the official residence of Kerala … Read more

A Middle East Action Plan for President Biden

Regarding your editorial “Biden Faces an Iran Reckoning” (Oct. 12): I doubt that it was a coincidence that Russia invaded Ukraine and Hamas invaded Israel on President Biden’s watch. Evil dictators sense weakness like rats smell food. That Mr. Biden has been pandering to Iran for almost three years, including fattening its coffers with tens … Read more

The Error That Has Dogged the Zionist Movement

Oct. 15, 2023 11:04 am ET Douglas Feith, in “Hamas’s al-Aqsa Lie Has a Long and Disgraceful History” (op-ed, Oct. 10), states that “Haj Amin [al-Husseini], an Islamist radical from a notable Jerusalem clan, became a significant figure at age 24 when a British official appointed him mufti of Jerusalem, a high religious office.” That … Read more

Trump Could Have Averted the House GOP Madness

The former president and current front-runner stayed silent. Source link

Will the Republican Party Split in Two?

If conservatives and right-leaning populists can’t get along, Democrats win. Source link

Hunter Biden's Statute of Limitations

Does he have more to pay? Source link

The Censoring of Science and the Road to Serfdom

Propaganda is not sufficient: ‘The plan itself in every detail . . . must become sacrosanct and exempt from criticism.’ Source link

Government Won't Save You From Amazon

Competing entrepreneurs will. Source link