Maldives’ Newly Sworn-In President Asks India To Withdraw Military Presence | World News

Maldives’s new President Mohamed Muizzu yesterday met Union Minister of Earth Sciences Kiren Rijiju formally urging the Indian government to remove its military personnel from the island nation. The move is expected as Muizzu, who is considered ‘pro-China’ in his policies, had promised to end foreign military presence during his poll campaign. Muizzu had time … Read more

India, China Fight for Influence Over Tiny Archipelago Nation

Updated Nov. 11, 2023 12:12 am ET Listen to article (2 minutes) NEW DELHI—The fierce rivalry between India and China for influence in the Indian Ocean is on display in the tiny archipelago nation of Maldives, better known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters than as a strategic military outpost. The Maldives … Read more

Incoming Maldives president says ‘very successful’ talks underway for removal of Indian troops

Maldives has started discussion with India for the removal of the latter’s military presence in the region. President-elect Mohamed Muizzu said negotiations were underway and had been “very successful already”. Around 75 Indian military officials are currently based out of the country and maintain New Delhi-sponsored radar stations and surveillance aircraft. Indian warships help patrol … Read more

Maldives President-Elect Muizzu Talks With India To Remove Troops Very Successful Says Report

New Delhi: Reaffirming a position he articulated after being elected the country’s head, incoming Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu has said Indian troops stationed in the island-nation would have to leave, Bloomberg reported. In what is being seen as a setback to New Delhi’s efforts to exercise its own sway in the island-nation amid growing Chinese … Read more

Incoming president says talks on to remove Indian troops from island

Amid the tug-of-war between India and China for influence over the Indian Ocean, Maldivian president-elect Mohamed Muizzu has said in an interview that negotiations with India on troop removal have begun. Speaking to Bloomberg, Muizzu, known for his pro-China stand, and who defeated Ibrahim Solih last month said Maldives is too small to take sides … Read more