3 babies die in Gaza’s largest hospital as it runs out of fuel amid Israel-Hamas war

Three babies have died in the neonatal unit of Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital after the hospital went out of service, reported CNN on Saturday, citing the Hamas-controlled ministry of health. One more person was killed by an Israeli shell in the intensive care, said the Palestinian health ministry. It also said 39 babies in the … Read more

Israel does not seek to occupy Gaza, but ‘credible force’ needed: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday his country does not seek to conquer, occupy or govern Gaza after its war against Hamas but a “credible force” would be needed to enter the Palestinian enclave if necessary to prevent the emergence of militant threats. Netanyahu’s comments this week suggesting that Israel would be responsible … Read more

‘Expect India to use all its capacities…’: Iran President to PM Modi on Gaza war

In a diplomatic call with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi urged India to utilise “all its capacities” to bring an end to the Israeli actions in Gaza amidst the ongoing conflict. “Today, India is expected to use all its capacities to end the Zionist crimes against the oppressed people of Gaza,” President … Read more

Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: On Israel visit, US’ Blinken says ‘no partners for peace’ if war not paused

The Israeli military has justified the ambulance strike by claiming that the ambulance was being utilized by a “Hamas terrorist cell” for transporting militants and weapons. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a statement on Saturday, rejected the United States’ call for a “humanitarian pause” in the war. He insisted that a temporary cease-fire would … Read more

U.S. To Make New Nuclear Bomb, More Powerful Than The One That Levelled Hiroshima. Here’s Why

Published on Oct 31, 2023 08:03 AM IST The U.S. wants to make a new nuclear bomb which will be 24 times more powerful than the one that levelled Hiroshima at the end of World War II. The Pentagon made the announcement that it seeks to replace the B61-7 with the B61-13 bomb. It has … Read more

IDF moves 2 miles into Gaza amid breakdown in civil order

Relief group ‘Save the Children’ said the 3,000 children reported killed in Gaza over the past three weeks have surpassed the annual number of children killed in armed conflict globally in each of the past four years. The rising death toll has raked up emotions and anger and protests in the Middle East and beyond. In … Read more

Explainer: What war crimes laws apply to the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

Conflict between Israel and Palestinian forces since terrorist group Hamas’ October 7 assault have created a huge and rising death toll – and accusations of war crimes – on both sides. The war falls under a complex international system of justice that has emerged since World War Two. Even if states say they are acting … Read more

Market tremors wipe off investors’ wealth by Rs 14.60 lakh cr in five trading sessions

Equity investors became poorer by Rs 14.60 lakh crore in a five-day market slump amid mounting tensions in West Asia and higher valuations of Indian stocks. Falling for the fifth day running, the 30-share BSE Sensex tanked 522.82 points, or 0.81 per cent, to settle at 64,049.06. During the day, it dropped 659.72 points, or … Read more

Don’t want war with Iran but will defend our troops: US to United Nations

The United States told the United Nations on Tuesday it does not seek conflict with Iran, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned that Washington would act swiftly and decisively if Iran or its proxies attacks US personnel anywhere. Blinken spoke to the 15-member UN Security Council amid international fears the conflict between Israel and … Read more

Israel drops leaflets in Gaza offering reward for hostage information

Israel’s military dropped leaflets in Gaza on Tuesday, urging Palestinians to give them information about hostages being held by Hamas and offering them protection and a reward. The Palestinian militant group seized more than 200 people during cross-border raids into Israel which killed 1,400 people on Oct. 7. The Palestinian health ministry says Israeli air … Read more