US, UK Forces Again Target Houthis in Yemen in Response to Red Sea Attacks

Last Updated: February 25, 2024, 06:43 IST Washington D.C., United States of America (USA) The United States has carried out near daily strikes against the Houthis, following Red Sea attacks. (Image: US Central Command) U.S. and British forces target Houthi sites in Yemen, escalating tensions in the region amid ongoing conflict US and British forces … Read more

Army Overturns Convictions of Black Soldiers Charged With Mutiny in 1917 Houston Riot

The U.S. Army has overturned the convictions of 110 Black soldiers charged over a century ago with mutiny, murder and assault in a Texas riot. Nineteen of the Black Army soldiers convicted were sentenced to death and executed following the riot in 1917, when members of the 24th Infantry Regiment clashed with police and white … Read more

Israel Rebuffs Calls for Palestinian Authority to Rule Gaza

Updated Nov. 12, 2023 1:29 pm ET Israel is diverging from the U.S. and Arab world on a postwar solution for Gaza, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out a role for the Palestinian Authority, which Washington and some Arab leaders prefer to take over from Hamas. Netanyahu, under pressure from his right-wing political base, … Read more

The Militia at the Center of the Darfur Genocide Kills Hundreds in Sudan

Listen to article (2 minutes) The gunmen arrived on motorcycles and in the backs of Toyota pickups, brandishing Kalashnikovs and dressed in the telltale sand-colored uniforms of Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces militia. Over three days they killed hundreds of men and teenage boys in a Darfur refugee camp, according to witnesses, local human-rights groups and … Read more

Hamas Needed a New Way to Get Money From Iran. It Turned to Crypto.

Nov. 11, 2023 11:00 pm ET In mid-2019, Israel’s military used a precision strike on a narrow street to kill a Hamas commander whom it called Iran’s money man in Gaza. The commander ran an off-the-books system of remittances in which trusted agents shuttled physical cash and goods across borders to settle customers’ balances. This … Read more

Ordinary Russians Feel Wrath of Putin’s Repression

In a city in southern Siberia, security forces detained a man in October for reading antiwar poetry at a literary event. Authorities in Novosibirsk fined a woman 15,000 rubles around the same time for tearing down a poster exalting Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. In St. Petersburg, a man was briefly detained in September for holding a … Read more

Iran’s President Joins Saudi Summit, Criticizes U.S. Support for Israel

Updated Nov. 11, 2023 11:40 am ET DUBAI—Iran’s president joined dozens of Arab and Muslim leaders at a summit in Saudi Arabia on Saturday—the first such visit to the kingdom in more than 15 years—as the Islamic world sought to project unified opposition to Israel’s military operations in Gaza. The meeting in Riyadh of the … Read more

Israel Races to Root Out Hamas as Calls for Gaza Cease-Fire Mount

Listen to article (2 minutes) In a little over a week, Israeli ground forces have fought their way into northern Gaza’s urban areas with a speed that has surprised even their own commanders. But complex stages of the war still lie ahead. As they move closer to the center of Gaza City, Israeli troops are … Read more

U.S. Officials Have Growing Confidence in Death Toll Reports From Gaza

The U.S. intelligence community has growing confidence that reports on the death toll from health authorities in Hamas-controlled Gaza are roughly accurate, U.S. officials said.  This reliance on the Palestinian data is a partial shift by the Biden administration, which earlier in the war described the numbers from Gaza as untrustworthy.  Copyright ©2023 Dow Jones … Read more

At Center of Israel-Hamas War, Al-Shifa Hospital Held a Humanitarian Crisis

At the sprawling Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, families packed the hallways inside, while others had set up makeshift tents outside, with bed sheets hung up for privacy. Doctors, short on space and supplies, tended to bloodied patients on the floor.  Israel had told the Palestinians to evacuate the 700-bed hospital, but many believed it … Read more