Netanyahu Enters Hamas’ Base, Reveals Three Goals Of Israel’s War On Gaza | Watch

Published on Nov 26, 2023 11:52 PM IST Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu visited Gaza amid four-day truce with Hamas and renewed pledge to bring back all hostages. Netanyahu also revealed three goals of Israel’s war on Palestinian enclave of Gaza and said that they won’t stop until Hamas is eliminated. Watch the video for more … Read more

Meet 17 hostages freed by Hamas on four day ceasefire prisoners hostage swap deal with Israel

A third batch of Israel and foreign hostages was released from Hamas captivity on Sunday evening as the group arrived in Israel. They numbered 17, including 14 Israelis and three Thai citizens. The Hamas Group handed over the former captives to the humanitarian organisation Red Cross and were further taken for medical examination. Among those … Read more

‘Won’t Go Unanswered’: Iran Warns Israel Amid IDF Attack On Gazans During Ceasefire

Published on Nov 24, 2023 11:53 PM IST The Iranian Supreme Leader has threatened Israel of expanding the war in Gaza again.In his latest warning, Ali Khamenei said that Israel’s action in Gaza won’t go unanswered. This comes weeks after he had claimed that Israel would be paralysed without U.S.’ help. Remember, Hezbollah and Hamas … Read more

Relatives of Gaza hostages say stop talk of execution for Hamas detainees

Relatives of some of the 240 people held by Hamas in Gaza urged far-right Israeli lawmakers on Monday not to pursue proposed capital punishment for captured Hamas terrorists, saying that even talk of doing so might endanger the hostages. A number of suspected gunmen were detained after members of the armed Islamist faction breached the … Read more

Israel sees hostage crisis ending shortly

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has said the hostage crisis would be ending soon with a deal on the cards but rejected firmly the US vision for post-conflict Gaza thus defying their diktat for “no for reoccupying the Gaza”. Netanyahu said on Sunday that a hostage deal with Hamas could be near but refused to divulge … Read more

There “Could Be” Potential Deal To Free Hostages, Says Israel’s Netanyahu

Netanyahu has flatly rejected calls for a ceasefire in Gaza without release of the hostages. (File) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US media Sunday a deal could be afoot to free hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, but declined to provide details for fear of scuttling the potential plan. “We heard that there was … Read more

Amid war with Hamas, Israel announces ‘historic agreement’ to sell air defence system to NATO member Finland

Despite the ongoing war with Hamas fighters from Gaza, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet minister announced a 317 million euro ($340 million) deal for the sale of its David’s Sling air defence system to new NATO member Finland. Israel has been bombing Palestine’s Gaza for 38 days, killing over 11,100 civilians and Hamas fighters.  … Read more

Heavy Fighting Rages Near Main Gaza Hospital as Netanyahu Dismisses Calls for Cease-fire

Israeli strikes pounded Gaza City overnight and into Sunday as ground forces battled Hamas militants near the territory’s largest hospital, where health officials say thousands of medics, patients and displaced people are trapped with no electricity and dwindling supplies. In a televised address on Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected growing international calls for a … Read more

Israel-Gaza war: Hamas commander who held 1,000 as hostages in hospital killed

The Israeli military said it killed a senior Hamas commander in an airstrike, who was responsible for holding approximately 1,000 people and patients as hostages in a Gaza hospital and not allowing them to escape to their safety. In a tweet posted on X, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said Ahmed Siam was a commander … Read more

“There Will Have To Be Our Security Control”: Netanyahu On Post-War Gaza

Netanyahu ruled out a role for current Palestinian Authority leadership in ruling Gaza. (File) Ramallah, Palestinian Territories: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday ruled out a role for the current Palestinian Authority government in Gaza once the war between Israel and Hamas is over. “There will have to be something else there,” he said, … Read more