Many Israelis Are Refugees From Arab Lands

As people around the world demonstrate for Palestinian rights, we shouldn’t overlook another group of Middle Eastern refugees who also have suffered for decades but whose plight is seldom discussed: the displaced Jewish refugees from Arab lands. I should know; I am one of them. Our story needs to be told. I was born in … Read more

'The Picnic' Review: Ending the Cold War at a Cookout

A festive gathering along Hungary’s Austrian border allowed hundreds of East Germans to flee to freedom. More would follow.

Bibi Netanyahu's Case to the Civilized World

After Oct. 7, shouldn’t it be self-explanatory that Israel has to defeat Hamas to defend itself?

More Tariffs Is the Last Thing America Needs

Oren Cass’s “Why Trump Is Right About Tariffs” (Review, Oct. 28) errs most fundamentally by assuming higher tariffs can—costs and corruption notwithstanding—reduce the U.S. trade deficit. Leaving aside whether said deficit is actually an economic problem (it isn’t), reams of evidence show that tariffs don’t offer a solution. For example, a 2017 Peterson Institute examination … Read more

Qatar Is the Mideast’s Honest Broker

By Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani Qatar doesn’t want another war in our region. Our objectives since the start of the current conflict have been clear: to secure the release of the hostages, establish humanitarian corridors for essential aid to Palestinian civilians, and to end the bloodshed and prevent further escalation. Over the past two decades, … Read more

A Saudi-Israeli Peace Deal Isn't Dead

The Gaza war makes it more difficult but also reminds officials of the horrifying alternative.

A Middle East Action Plan for President Biden

Regarding your editorial “Biden Faces an Iran Reckoning” (Oct. 12): I doubt that it was a coincidence that Russia invaded Ukraine and Hamas invaded Israel on President Biden’s watch. Evil dictators sense weakness like rats smell food. That Mr. Biden has been pandering to Iran for almost three years, including fattening its coffers with tens … Read more

The Error That Has Dogged the Zionist Movement

Oct. 15, 2023 11:04 am ET Douglas Feith, in “Hamas’s al-Aqsa Lie Has a Long and Disgraceful History” (op-ed, Oct. 10), states that “Haj Amin [al-Husseini], an Islamist radical from a notable Jerusalem clan, became a significant figure at age 24 when a British official appointed him mufti of Jerusalem, a high religious office.” That … Read more

Israel's Opportunity to Destroy Hamas

The security establishment has feared engagement in Gaza more than the terror group’s rule. Saturday’s attack may change that. Source link