Hamas Needed a New Way to Get Money From Iran. It Turned to Crypto.

Nov. 11, 2023 11:00 pm ET In mid-2019, Israel’s military used a precision strike on a narrow street to kill a Hamas commander whom it called Iran’s money man in Gaza. The commander ran an off-the-books system of remittances in which trusted agents shuttled physical cash and goods across borders to settle customers’ balances. This … Read more

Iran’s President Joins Saudi Summit, Criticizes U.S. Support for Israel

Updated Nov. 11, 2023 11:40 am ET DUBAI—Iran’s president joined dozens of Arab and Muslim leaders at a summit in Saudi Arabia on Saturday—the first such visit to the kingdom in more than 15 years—as the Islamic world sought to project unified opposition to Israel’s military operations in Gaza. The meeting in Riyadh of the … Read more

Biden Keeps the Billions Flowing to Iran

Updated Nov. 10, 2023 6:50 pm ET You’d think the Biden Administration would have realized by now that enriching the Iranian regime is a dangerous mistake. You’d be wrong. Relaxed U.S. enforcement of oil sanctions continued through October, refilling Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s coffers even after the Oct. 7 slaughter and the more than 40 … Read more

Israel Races to Root Out Hamas as Calls for Gaza Cease-Fire Mount

Listen to article (2 minutes) In a little over a week, Israeli ground forces have fought their way into northern Gaza’s urban areas with a speed that has surprised even their own commanders. But complex stages of the war still lie ahead. As they move closer to the center of Gaza City, Israeli troops are … Read more

U.K. Hits Russian Gold, Oil Sectors With New Sanctions Package

The U.K. government has sanctioned 29 entities and individuals operating in and supporting Russia’s gold and oil sectors, in an effort to cut off revenue streams funding its war in Ukraine. Entities sanctioned Wednesday include Nord Gold and Highland Gold Mining, two of the largest producers of Russian gold, and Paloma Precious DMCC, a United … Read more

Blinken Rushes to Reassure Anxious Arab Allies in Surprise Trips to West Bank, Iraq

BAGHDAD—The U.S. is rushing to support Middle East leaders facing domestic turmoil over the Israel-Hamas conflict, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken making two surprise visits Sunday to the West Bank and Iraq, as the Biden administration comes under pressure to secure a pause in fighting and ease regional tensions. The unannounced stops, first to … Read more

Escalating Militia Attacks on U.S. Troops Risk Washington-Tehran Confrontation

Updated Nov. 5, 2023 3:49 pm ET When a drone laden with explosives was found late last month lodged in the upper floors of U.S. barracks in Iraq, Pentagon officials quickly realized how close the suspected militia-launched weapon came to killing American personnel. In this case, the explosives failed to detonate, and there were no … Read more

Many Israelis Are Refugees From Arab Lands

As people around the world demonstrate for Palestinian rights, we shouldn’t overlook another group of Middle Eastern refugees who also have suffered for decades but whose plight is seldom discussed: the displaced Jewish refugees from Arab lands. I should know; I am one of them. Our story needs to be told. I was born in … Read more

The Iran-Russia Military Axis – WSJ

Republican critics of aiding Ukraine claim that there’s no connection between Russia’s aggression and the war in Israel. They’re ignoring the major strategic development in the last year, which is the deepening military alliance between Russia and Iran that threatens U.S. interests. The Journal reported Thursday that the U.S. has intelligence that Russia’s Wagner mercenary … Read more

Iran's Fellow Traveler in Mexico City

President López Obrador seems to be playing footsie with Iranian allies.