Your 401(k) Is Falling Behind. Here’s What You Should Do.

Listen to article (1 minute) The investing strategy millions of Americans rely on to secure a good life in retirement hasn’t worked lately. They should probably stick with it anyway. Most people keep their 401(k) on autopilot by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Faith in this approach has been shaken by … Read more

Student Loan Processor Mohela Punished for Millions of Late Billing Notices

Updated Oct. 30, 2023 5:03 pm ET The Education Department will withhold a $7.2 million monthly payment for a major student loan processor because it failed to send out timely billing notices to millions of borrowers. The Monday move against Mohela, the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority, comes as the government and the contractors who handle … Read more

Five Ways Americans Keep Proving Economists Wrong

Listen to article (2 minutes) Americans’ prolonged spending spree has confounded economists and resulted in a surging U.S. economy. What’s keeping their feet off the brakes? A strong labor market, resilient savings stockpiles and rising values of their homes have consumers feeling good and willing to spend. Despite complaints about high prices, they are taking … Read more

Saving More in a 401(k) Can Now Boost Your College Financial Aid

Faced with the gargantuan cost of higher education, Americans often have to choose between securing their children’s future or their own. A new rule change makes it slightly easier to do both. Pretax contributions made to retirement accounts will no longer count as income in the formula that measures a family’s ability to pay for … Read more

Home Sellers Take On the Realtors Cartel

The 1.5 million-member National Association of Realtors spent $81.7 million on political lobbying in 2022, more than any other business group. Behind the teachers unions, it ranks as the most powerful special interest in the country. Though it claims to help consumers, it is a cartel that seeks primarily to enrich its members by expanding … Read more

Three Things Home Buyers Can Ask for Now

There may be wiggle room on everything from mortgage rates to closing costs. Source link

Sayonara, For-Profit Colleges

Biden resumes Obama’s assault, which will hurt low-income students. Source link

Last-minute tax-filing tips | CNN Business

New York CNN  —  So far this tax season, the IRS has received more than 100 million income tax returns for 2022. That means tens of millions of households have yet to file their returns. If yours is among them, here are some last-minute tax-filing tips to keep in mind as the Tuesday, April 18 … Read more

UPS and FedEx have been offering discounts to their customers.

UPS and FedEx have been offering discounts to their customers. Source link