Anti-Putin Russian Paramilitaries Join Ukraine’s Fight In Kharkiv Region

Ukraine has sent reinforcements to shore up its defence against a Russian ground incursion. Kharkiv Region: Peeking out from under a hat and with his face covered, the Russian fighting for Kyiv described unrelenting battles in the northeastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv where Moscow’s forces opened a new front last week. “The situation is difficult, … Read more

Putin’s Men Take Control Of 6 Ukrainian Villages; Russian Army Tears Into Kharkiv’s Defence

Published on May 11, 2024 11:09 PM IST Russian forces have achieved significant gains in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region within 48 hours. On May 11, the Russian Army claimed to have taken control of six villages in Ukraine. Ukraine said more than 1,700 civilians were forced to flee in one of the captured villages. Watch for … Read more

Ukrainian Drone Hits Russian Oil Facility From 1,500 km Away: Report

Russia said a Ukrainian drone attack caused a fire and damaged several oil tanks. (Representational) London: A Ukrainian drone struck a major oil processing plant in Russia’s Bashkiria region on Thursday from some 1,500 km (932 miles) away, a Kyiv intelligence source said, its longest-range such attack since the start of the war. Ukraine also … Read more

240-Meter TV Tower Collapses In Ukraine After Russian Strike: Report

There were no casualties because workers were in shelters, Oleh Syniehubov said. (Representational) Kharkiv: The 240-meter television tower in Ukraine’s city of Kharkiv broke in half and fell to the ground on Monday, footage obtained by Reuters showed, after what local officials said was likely a Russian missile attack on television infrastructure. The broadcasting signal … Read more

Russia To Establish “Drone Development Centre” & “Robotic Complexes” News18

Russia To Establish “Drone Development Centre” & “Robotic Complexes” News18 NEWS18 NEWS18 At Least 10 Militants Killed As IDF Continues Raid… NEWS18 “Deal Now” Israeli Protesters Demand Government Se… NEWS18 Largest Digital Camera Ever Made For Astronomy En … NEWS18 “Friendly Father…” North Korea Releases New Song… NEWS18 Russia, TajikIstan Troops Stage Counter-Terrorist … NEWS18 … Read more

Over 50,000 Russian Troops Have Died During War With Ukraine: Report

Russian losses spiked in January 2023 as it launched a large-scale offensive in Donetsk. (File) London: More than 50,000 Russian military personnel have died during the Ukraine conflict, the BBC reported Wednesday, citing its own reporters, independent media group Mediazona and volunteers. They found that more than 27,300 Russian soldiers died during the second year … Read more

Ukraine “Simply Cannot Wait” For More Air Defence: NATO Chief

More than two years into Russia’s war, support from Ukraine’s Western allies has faltered. (File) Brussels: NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday said Ukraine “simply cannot wait” for more air defences as Kyiv pleads with Western allies to step up deliveries to stave off Russia’s attacks. “Delays in delivery of air defences will allow Russian … Read more

Ukraine, Russia Accuse Each Other Of Conducting Drone Attack On Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant

Russia on said Ukraine attacked the Moscow-held Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant with a drone. (Image: AFP) The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station is Europe’s largest nuclear facility and there was a drone attack on it recently. Kyiv and Moscow have accused each other of attacking the plant. Russia on Monday accused Ukraine of attacking the Zaporizhzhia … Read more

6 Killed In Russian Drone Attack In Ukraine’s Kharkiv | Russia Ukraine Conflict | News18 | N18V

6 Killed In Russian Drone Attack In Ukraine’s Kharkiv | Russia Ukraine Conflict | News18 | N18VAn overnight Russian drone attack on Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkiv killed six people and wounded 10 others, national emergency services and the city’s mayor said Saturday.The State Emergency Service of Ukraine said in a Telegram post that “six people … Read more

‘Mandatory Aid…’: Russia Accuses U.S. Of ‘Forcing’ NATO Members To Help Kyiv | Details

Published on Apr 04, 2024 10:24 PM IST Russia has accused the U.S. of forcing NATO members to assist Kyiv in the ongoing Ukraine war. Russian Foreign Minister claimed the U.S. is trying to compel all NATO member states. Sergey Lavrov said that voluntary aid to Ukraine is turning into “mandatory military aid”. The Russian … Read more