Russia Puts Meta Platforms Spokesperson Andy Stone On Wanted List

Russia has listed Meta as a “terrorist and extremist” organisation Moscow: Russia on Sunday put Meta Platforms spokesperson Andy Stone on a wanted list on unspecified charges as the US social media giant — which owns Facebook — is classed as “extremist” by Moscow. Russia has hugely cracked down on media and social media freedom … Read more

Pakistan eyes BRICS membership, seeks Russia’s help

Pakistan has applied for BRICS membership and sought Russia’s support for the same, said the country’s envoy to Moscow, Muhammad Khalid Jamali, according to a media report. There has been no comment from the Foreign Office without whose approval Jamali would not have made this revelation, The News reported. According to media reports, Jamali was … Read more

‘Blood Money’: Russia Rips ‘Selfish’ Biden; Claims U.S. Cashing In On Two Raging Wars

Published on Nov 20, 2023 05:24 PM IST Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has berated U.S. President Joe Biden. Medvedev claimed that “blood and money” are the essence of U.S. security doctrine. He claimed that the U.S. makes itself safer by starting “wars on other continents.” Medvedev made these scathing comments, accusing Joe Biden of … Read more

Russia’s Scared Neighbour Puts Up ‘Dragon Teeth’ At Border Amid ‘Illegal Migrant’ Row | Estonia

Published on Nov 19, 2023 07:57 PM IST NATO nation Estonia deployed “dragon teeth”-style anti-tank obstacles along its border with Russia. Estonian authorities deployed “dragon teeth” on the river bridge crossing in the town of Narva, located immediately across the border from Russia’s town of Ivangorod. Watch this video to know more. #russia #nato #dragonteeth … Read more

Ordinary Russians Feel Wrath of Putin’s Repression

In a city in southern Siberia, security forces detained a man in October for reading antiwar poetry at a literary event. Authorities in Novosibirsk fined a woman 15,000 rubles around the same time for tearing down a poster exalting Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. In St. Petersburg, a man was briefly detained in September for holding a … Read more

On Camera: Zelensky’s Soldiers ‘Kidnapping Man To Fight Russia’, As West Focuses On Israel-Hamas War

Published on Nov 11, 2023 10:23 PM IST In a video going viral, Ukrainian military recruiters were allegedly seen forcing a man inside a car and driving off, as per news outlet RT. The report said that such cases of forced recruitment have risen in recent times. Ukraine is currently struggling with a faltering counter-offensive … Read more

Russia Renews Missile Attacks On Ukrainian Capital Kyiv After 2 Months Of Calm

A missile struck Kyiv on Saturday, breaking nearly two months of relative peace in the Ukrainian capital, as frontline districts fought off waves of drone attacks overnight, news agency AFP reported. Ukraine is ready for a second Russian aerial assault this winter, following last year’s methodical assaults on the country’s electrical grid, which left people … Read more

Russian S-400 Gets More Teeth; New 40N6 Guided Missile Can Hit Targets 380 KMS Away | Reports

Published on Nov 11, 2023 09:48 AM IST Russia’s S-400 air defence system gets a new type of long-range 40N6 missile to add more teeth to its firepower. The 40N6 guided missile is capable of engaging targets “at maximum distances” at ranges up to 380 km. It has both “unparalleled over-the-horizon strike capabilities” and the … Read more

Putin death rumours surge after man tipped to succeed him refers to him in past tense

“It required a leader who could put the welfare of the population at the top of the agenda, display the highest human and organisational qualities, will, and dedication. “Such a leader was Putin, who first served as prime minister, then was elected president and, in accordance with the Constitution, became chairman of the Russian security … Read more

Russian Anti-Ship Missiles In Hezbollah’s Arsenal Worry U.S., says Report | Israel-Gaza War

Published on Nov 10, 2023 09:51 AM IST Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah is reportedly in possession of Russian anti-ship missiles. Reuters reported that the Iran-backed militant group possibly acquired Russian Yakhont anti-ship missiles during their deployment in Syria more than a decade ago. Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah recently warned the United States that the … Read more