Chile forest fires: 10 people feared dead, state of emergency declared

Chilean firefighters were on Saturday battling rapidly expanding wildfires that officials fear have claimed around 10 lives and are threatening hundreds of homes, prompting the president to declare a state of emergency. About a dozen fires have been raging since Friday. The blazes are concentrated in the Vina del Mar and Valparaiso tourist regions, where … Read more

Russia Turns to Longtime Arms Customers to Boost War Arsenal 

Listen to article (2 minutes) Russia has sought to retrieve parts from defense systems it had exported to countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, Belarus and Brazil, as it tries to replenish the enormous stocks of weapons being expended for the war in Ukraine. Last April, a delegation of Russian officials visiting Cairo asked Egyptian President … Read more

Venezuelan Court Suspends Results of Opposition Primary

Venezuela’s highest court suspended the outcome of a primary that the opposition held to choose a presidential candidate, casting doubts over a deal that President Nicolás Maduro had reached with the Biden administration to pave the way for free and fair elections.  The Supreme Court’s decision on Monday came after a series of public comments … Read more

Iran's Fellow Traveler in Mexico City

President López Obrador seems to be playing footsie with Iranian allies.

Parents of Liverpool Soccer Star Luis Díaz Kidnapped in Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia—The parents of Luis Díaz, a star attacker for the Liverpool soccer club in the English Premier League, were kidnapped Saturday at a gas station in a rural province of Colombia where they are from, police said. Díaz’s parents, Luis Manuel Díaz and Cilenis Marulanda, were seized by at least two men who had … Read more

Argentine Markets Drop Sharply After Ruling Party Presidential Candidate Soars

Updated Oct. 23, 2023 2:38 pm ET Argentine stocks, bonds and currency traded sharply lower on Monday after the ruling party’s presidential candidate came out on top in the first round of voting, surprising investors and creating concerns about the continuation of free-spending policies driving triple-digit inflation.  Argentina’s bonds fell as much as 10% and … Read more

Argentina’s Ruling Party Candidate Takes Most Votes in Presidential Election

Updated Oct. 22, 2023 9:05 pm ET BUENOS AIRES—Sergio Massa, the ruling party’s candidate for president, came out on top in the first round of a presidential election Sunday, beating out a libertarian economist, Javier Milei, who had promised to lay waste to Argentina’s political establishment. With 83.2% of the votes counted, Massa took 36.1% … Read more

Thawing U.S.-Venezuela Relations Raise Hope for Prisoner Releases

President Maduro’s regime freed five political prisoners after the U.S. lifted oil sanctions, but still holds 270.

Desperate to Flee Africa, Migrants Accidentally Stow Away on Ships to Brazil

African arrivals are tricked to believe they were headed for the U.S. or Europe.

New York City Mayor Tries to Dissuade Migrants from Heading to U.S.

In a visit to a remote area of Colombia, Mayor Eric Adams instead called for a collaborative solution to the illegal migration that has put pressure on the Big Apple. Source link