Putin Ally’s Dreaded Rocket Launcher Ready; North Korea’s New Weapon Can Launch Attacks On Seoul

Published on May 11, 2024 11:01 PM IST North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, supervised another “technically updated” missile launch system. The system will be reportedly deployed to combat units from 2024 to 2026 and will replace older weapons. Kim has ordered to maximise production of the weapons systems. Watch the full video to know … Read more

South Korea To Create New Ministry To Tackle Falling Birth Rates

South Korea’s 0.72 birth rate is the lowest among OECD nations. Seoul: South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said Thursday that he wants to create a new ministry to address the country’s low birthrate – the world’s lowest, with the country facing a looming demographic crisis. “I ask the parliament’s cooperation to revise government organisation … Read more

Kim Jong Un Drives Luxury Sedan Gifted By Russia’s Putin News18

Kim Jong Un Drives Luxury Sedan Gifted By Russia’s Putin News18 NEWS18 NEWS18 Kim Jong Un Drives Luxury Sedan Gifted By Russia’s Putin NEWS18 Russia Strikes Ukrainian Fortifications With S-8 A… NEWS18 Somali Pirates Fire At Indian Navy As It Intercept… NEWS18 SpaceX Starship’s Lost But Goes Farther Than Ever … NEWS18 Top Russian Generals … Read more

‘BBC Dad’ Robert E Kelly Marks 7th Anniversary of Viral Interview Interruption

Last Updated: March 11, 2024, 00:15 IST London, United Kingdom (UK) Robert Kelly also known as ‘BBC Dad’ shared a recent photograph of his family. (Photo: Robert E Kelly/X) Celebrating the 7th anniversary of his viral BBC interview, Robert E Kelly shares heartwarming family moments since the ‘BBC dad’ incident Seven years ago, Robert E … Read more

South Korea Calls For Unification, Says Ties With Japan Deterring Kim’s Threat & Chinese Influence

South Korea’s President Yoon Suk Yeol strongly criticised North Korea on March 1, reaffirming his dedication to a united Korean Peninsula. Yoon Suk Yeol was speaking on Independence Movement Day, which commemorates a 1919 uprising against Japanese colonial rule. Yoon condemned North Korea’s regime and stressed unification to enhance freedom and human rights. He also … Read more

South Korea strike: Government warns doctors to return on deadline or face legal action

Most striking doctors have not returned to work despite a deadline, South Korea’s health minister said Thursday, warning of legal action if medics do not end work stoppages that have plunged hospitals into chaos. Nearly 10,000 junior doctors — about 80 percent of the trainee workforce — handed in a notice and walked off the … Read more

More than 6,400 trainee doctors submit resignations

Till Monday, 19 February, a total of 6,415 trainee doctors at 100 hospitals had submitted their resignations, with about 1,600 of them walking off the job, Park said. Park said the government would extend operating hours at 97 public hospitals and the emergency rooms of 12 military hospitals would be opened up to the public … Read more

North Korea fires cruise missiles off east coast as tensions escalate with South

North Korea fired multiple cruise missiles off its east coast on Sunday, its second such launch in less than a week, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said. The missiles were launched at around 8 a.m. (2300 GMT on Saturday) and were being analysed by South Korean and US intelligence authorities, the JCS said, … Read more

North Korea’s Kim closes agencies aimed at reunification

Kim calls for South to be deemed ‘most hostile state’ Kim also said that North Korea would not recognize the two countries’ de facto maritime border — the Northern Limit Line — and called for constitutional changes allowing for the North to “occupy” the South in war, KCNA reported. In an address to the Supreme … Read more

‘No Intention Of Avoiding War’: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Dismantles Agencies Working For Reunification With South Korea | World News

North Korea has dismantled several government entities responsible for fostering reconciliation and reunification with South Korea, with leader Kim Jong Un asserting that his country is not shying away from the prospect of war. Recently, Kim labeled South Korea as a “principal enemy” and deemed attempts at reunification as a “mistake that we should no … Read more