Biden Shocks Netanyahu; U.S. ‘Seeks Help’ From Israel’s Arch-Foe Iran To Prevent Middle East War

Published on May 18, 2024 04:37 PM IST U.S. President Joe Biden stuns Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu by sending two top administration officials to hold indirect talks with Iran amid Gaza war and just a month after Tehran’s unprecedented and first-ever attack on Tel Aviv. The two parties held talks on how to avoid a … Read more

Israel’s Jammers Futile Against Iranian “NO-GPS” Missiles? US May “Intervene” If Tehran Triggers War

Iran’s Fars news agency reported that all missiles built in Iran over the past 12 years do not utilise international positioning systems including the GPS. A source in the aerospace forces of IRGC*, commenting on reports of GPS jamming in Israel, made the revelation to Sputnik. This comes after Israel’s security agencies reportedly confirmed that … Read more

Russia Tears Into U.S. At UNSC Meet On Gaza War; ‘Giving Israel License To Kill’ | Watch

Published on Feb 28, 2024 05:52 PM IST Russia and the U.S. locked horns at the UN Security Council meeting on the Gaza war. The war of words between the envoys of the two nations soon took an ugly turn, when Vassily Nebenzia told Robert Wood to not lecture Russia on wars. He said that … Read more

Biden ‘Frustrated’ With Bibi, Called Netanyahu ‘Bad F****ing Guy’; White House Says… | Report

Published on Feb 05, 2024 09:17 AM IST The U.S. President Joe Biden has called Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu a ‘bad f****ing guy,’ as per a column in Politico magazine on Sunday. The remarks reportedly came in private conversations. The White House denied the report, claiming that the President never said that and would never … Read more

US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken Arrives Israel Hold Talks With Leaders To Curb Escalation Of Gaza War

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken has arrived in Israel to meet with Israeli leaders who have shown resistance to pressure from Washington regarding their handling of the conflict with Hamas. Blinken’s goal is to curb the escalation of the Gaza conflict and prevent it from evolving into a wider regional crisis. This meeting … Read more

Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu After IDF Accidentally Kills Hostages, Seek New Hamas Deal | Gaza

Published on Dec 16, 2023 03:05 PM IST Protests in Tel Aviv after the Israeli Defence Forces mistakenly killed three hostages in Gaza on December 15. Angry Israeli citizens demanded fresh talks with Hamas to release captives. Protesters told Reuters that ‘Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has blood on his hands,’ and ‘a deal should have … Read more

Israeli army will control Gaza Strip after war ends says Netanyahu

In various interviews, given to American news channels he had spoken differently. Israel claims that that the IDF is in Gaza and has taken control of the Gaza city.  It also claims that several top commanders of Hamas have already been neutralised with the Israeli army even conducting a raid at the office of Hamas … Read more

Iran FM’s Bombshell On Tehran’s Entry In Israel’s Conflict | ‘Expansion Of Gaza War Inevitable’

Published on Nov 10, 2023 02:04 PM IST Iran’s Foreign Minister has dropped a bombshell on Iran’s possible official entry into the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. Speaking to his Qatari counterpart on phone, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said that given the intensity of Israeli bombardment, the expansion of the scope of the war was inevitable in the … Read more

Muslim Nation Snubs U.S. Proposal On Post-War Gaza; ‘Won’t Help Eliminate Hamas…’ | Report

Published on Nov 09, 2023 05:13 PM IST Egypt has rejected the U.S. proposal on managing Gaza post war until a Palestinian authority is appointed. The Wall Street Journal reported the development after CIA director William Burns’ Cairo visit. The Egyptian President reportedly said that his government can’t play a role in eliminating Hamas as … Read more

Islamic Jihad Blows Up Israeli Merkava Tank In Gaza City; Al-Quds Fighters Join Hamas In Combat Op

Published on Nov 09, 2023 07:46 AM IST Islamic Jihad extended its helping hand to Hamas as Israeli forces assault on Gaza escalated.The Palestinian Militant Group, or Islamic Jihad, has released a new video of its Gaza combat operations. Islamic Jihad video shows its Al-Quds brigade engaging in a fight with Israeli troops. The video … Read more