US Mom Made Son Say ‘Goodbye To Daddy’ On Camera Before Killing Him A Day Before Hearing Of Custody Battle

New Delhi: A US mother, identified as Savannah Kriger, 32, asked her 3-year-old son, Kaiden, to bid farewell to his father in a chilling video call moments before she ended both their lives, according to The New York Post. Kriger was allegedly involved in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband. The devastating event unfolded … Read more

US Woman Arrested For Forcing Child’s Head Into Toilet, Asking To Drink Its Water

Representative Image A woman in Texas, United States, was arrested after she allegedly dragged a child to a bathroom and forced him to drink water from a toilet, as per a report in the New York Post. According to a news release from the Woodway Public Safety Department, Claudia Velediaz-Bonifazi was placed in custody on April … Read more

8-Year-Old Girl In US Dies After Being “Violently Sucked” Into Hotel Pool Pipe

The lawsuit seeks wrongful death damages of $1 million. (Representative pic) An 8-year-old girl in the United States died after being “violently sucked” into a large pipe while swimming at a hotel in Houston, Texas, on Saturday, as per a lawsuit filed by the victim’s family. Aliyah Jaico was swimming with her family in a … Read more

Solar Eclipse To Plunge Parts Of US Into Darkness, Schools to Close

Millions of sky-gazers will witness the solar spectacle next month. Hundreds of schools across the United States are set to close on April 8th due to a total solar eclipse. The eclipse will plunge several states into darkness as the moon covers the sun completely, according to Newsweek. The path of totality will start in … Read more

US Power Firm Admits It May Have Sparked Texas’ Largest Wildfire Ever

It is not uncommon for US power companies to be blamed for destructive wildfires. Houston: A US power company admitted Thursday that its equipment may have sparked the largest wildfire in Texas’ history. Xcel — the parent of Southwest Public Service Company, which provides electricity to part of the state — said it was working … Read more

US appeals court rules Texas can ban emergency abortions despite federal guidance

The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Texas can ban emergency abortions, despite President Joe Biden’s administration arguing that federal guidance should take priority over state laws banning the procedure. “The Texas plaintiffs’ argument that medical treatment is historically subject to police power of the states, not to be superseded unless that … Read more

Army Overturns Convictions of Black Soldiers Charged With Mutiny in 1917 Houston Riot

The U.S. Army has overturned the convictions of 110 Black soldiers charged over a century ago with mutiny, murder and assault in a Texas riot. Nineteen of the Black Army soldiers convicted were sentenced to death and executed following the riot in 1917, when members of the 24th Infantry Regiment clashed with police and white … Read more

Pope Francis Dismisses Conservative US Bishop Joseph Strickland From Texas

Last Updated: November 12, 2023, 08:28 IST Vatican City, Vatican City Popes make such moves, considered drastic, when a bishop refuses a request to resign. Strickland is 65, 10 years shy of the usual retirement age for bishops. (Image: AP Photo) Pope Francis dismisses Bishop Strickland of Texas, a vocal critic. Rare move raises questions. … Read more

As Migrants Keep Coming, El Paso Spends Millions to Keep Them Off the Streets

Nov. 11, 2023 11:00 am ET EL PASO, Texas—Like most border cities, El Paso has long tried to have as little involvement as possible in caring for the migrants who come and go every day. Federal authorities arrested and processed people who entered the U.S. illegally, while local nonprofits have helped those who needed assistance … Read more

Pope Francis Fires Conservative U.S. Bishop

Updated Nov. 11, 2023 1:26 pm ET ROME—Pope Francis removed Bishop Joseph Strickland, one of the pope’s most vocal critics in the U.S. hierarchy, the Vatican said Saturday. The Vatican said that the pope had “relieved [the bishop] of the pastoral governance of the Diocese of Tyler,” Texas, and appointed Bishop Joe Vázquez of Austin … Read more