Trump Claims Biden Officials Were Ready To Shoot Him: What’s The Truth? | World News

Followers of former US President Donald J Trump received a startling email from ‘President Trump’ with a subject line stating, ‘They were authorised to shoot me!’ In the email, Trump alleged that the Biden administration was ‘locked & loaded’ to kill him when searching his home in 2022, reported the New York Times.   According to … Read more

Donald Trump Corners Joe Biden Over Weapons Halt To Israel; ‘Siding With Hamas…’ | Watch

Published on May 10, 2024 11:38 PM IST Former President Donald Trump slammed Joe Biden after the U.S. President confirmed that he’d halt US weapons shipments for Gaza if Israel embarks on a major military operation in Rafah where the last Hamas battalions remain. Watch the full video to know more. INTERNATIONAL NEWS  

Trump NATO Revamp Plan Revealed: Will Force Members To Increase Defence Spending By… | Watch

Published on May 05, 2024 12:09 AM IST Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will force NATO members to ramp up defence spending from 2% to 3% of GDP if he is re-elected in November, according to a report by The Telegraph on May 3, citing sources close to the former US President. Watch INTERNATIONAL NEWS … Read more

Hunter Biden Threatens Fox With Lawsuit Over “Intimate Images”, Demands It “Walk Back” Bribery Story

Hunter Biden is threatening to sue Fox News for defamation, exploitation of his image and publication of hacked photographs, according to reports. The lawyers of Joe Biden’s son have accused the American conservative news outlet of violating “revenge porn” laws.A letter by Hunter’s lawyers asks Fox News to retract reports suggesting that the Biden family … Read more

‘Will Not Give A Penny…’: Hungary Reveals American Leader’s Post Election Ukraine Plan

Published on Mar 12, 2024 12:00 AM IST NATO nation, Hungary, revealed the U.S. leader’s plans to stop the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said Donald Trump has promised to stop cash for Ukraine. Orban remarked Trump will not “give a penny” to Ukraine if he returns to the White House. Watch for … Read more

Japan Pays $466m In Compensation for Aircraft Noise Pollution As US Skirts Share of Damages

Japanese taxpayers are covering noise pollution costs caused by US aircraft in compensation suits filed by people living near military bases. It’s seen as part of Tokyo’s “sympathy budget” for hosting American troops, which involves covering noise pollution costs, said experts. This demonstrates Japan’s commitment to sharing the burden with its primary security ally, experts … Read more

Biden & Trump Visit Texas Amid US Migrant Bill Row | Will Border Issue Shape Presidential Elections?

As the 2024 presidential campaign ramps up, US President Joe Biden visited the southern border with Mexico on February 29. Biden’s trip to Brownsville, Texas, came as former President Donald Trump also made an appearance in Eagle Pass. Biden met with border patrol agents, law enforcement officials and local leaders in Brownsville. Biden praised US … Read more

Trump Hints At Free Hand To Russia Against NATO Members | NATO Chief Downplays Trump 2.0 Threat

Former President Donald Trump said he would “encourage” Russia to attack members of NATO who had not met their financial obligations. The comment was a stunning admission that he would not abide by the collective defence clause at the heart of the alliance if re-elected. Trump’s comment sent shockwaves across the world at a time … Read more

Kamala Harris US Vice President Scared As Heck Donald Trump November Elections

US Vice President Kamala Harris said that she was “scared as heck” about the possibility that ex-US President Donald Trump might return to the White House in the upcoming elections in November. Her comments came after Trump crossed the first step in the Republican nomination race by acing the Iowa caucuses on Monday, as per … Read more

Trump has got the best shot, but it’s very close: Historian Niall Ferguson on US Presidential Race

Historian and author Niall Ferguson said that the US Presidential race will be very close but Donald Trump has got the best shot. Speaking to Kalli Purie, Vice Chairperson and Executive Editor-In-Chief, India Today Group and Rahul Kanwal, India Today News Director, Niall Ferguson said, “Well, I think Donald Trump is highly likely to be … Read more