Xi Arrives In France For State Visit As Macron Looks To Persuade China Against Supporting Russia

Chinese President Xi Jinping touched down in France on Sunday for a state visit hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron, with discussions set to encompass a spectrum of topics from Ukraine to trade relations. This visit marks 60 years of diplomatic ties between France and China and signals Xi’s first trip to Europe since 2019, … Read more

Russia To Establish “Drone Development Centre” & “Robotic Complexes” News18

Russia To Establish “Drone Development Centre” & “Robotic Complexes” News18 NEWS18 NEWS18 At Least 10 Militants Killed As IDF Continues Raid… NEWS18 “Deal Now” Israeli Protesters Demand Government Se… NEWS18 Largest Digital Camera Ever Made For Astronomy En … NEWS18 “Friendly Father…” North Korea Releases New Song… NEWS18 Russia, TajikIstan Troops Stage Counter-Terrorist … NEWS18 … Read more

Germany Foils "Russian Sabotage Plot", Europe "Needs To Take Responsibility For Ukraine Air Defence"

The death toll from a Russian airstrike on Chernihiv has risen to 18, officials said on April 18. Another 78 were wounded when three missiles slammed into the northern city’s centre. The April 17 attack, which damaged civilian infrastructure in the northern city, was Russia’s deadliest airstrike in weeks.The attack sparked calls from top officials, … Read more

Russia Vetoes UN Resolution On North Korea Sanctions Amid Ukraine War | World News

New York: Russia exercised its veto power at the United Nations on Thursday, blocking a resolution aimed at renewing an independent panel of experts tasked with investigating North Korea’s violations of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions, CNN reported. This move comes amidst heightened tensions between Moscow and the West over the conflict in Ukraine, … Read more

Ukraine Reports “Massive” Russian Air Attack Over Capital Kyiv

US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink also noted the increased frequency of recent attacks. Kyiv: Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and the western region of Lviv came under a “massive” Russian air attack early Sunday, officials said, while Poland said one of the Russian missiles breached its airspace. Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in a series … Read more

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba Likely To Embark On Maiden India Visit Since War With Russia

New Delhi, Mar 18 (PTI) Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba is likely to pay a brief visit to India later this month, in his first trip to the country after beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict over two years back. The visit is in the process of being finalised and if everything goes according to plan, … Read more

Russian Forces Burn U.S. HIMARS In Ukraine; Release Video Of Massive Explosion | Pentagon Mocked

Published on Mar 13, 2024 09:11 AM IST The Russian Army released a video claiming to destroy U.S.-made HIMARS. The footage of the rocket launcher being destroyed was apparently filmed from a drone. A huge cloud of some can be seen emerging from the rocket launcher. The video was released after the Russian Army listed … Read more

Amid Putin’s Victories In Ukraine, Biden’s Aide Tells NATO To ‘Prepare For War’ With Russia If…

Published on Mar 02, 2024 07:43 AM IST The Pentagon has issued a warning amid rising fear of Russia defeating Ukraine in the ongoing war. U.S. Defense Secretary has called on Eastern NATO members to gear up for a “fight against Russia”. Lloyd Austin warned that Russia “will not stop” if it defeats Ukrainian forces. … Read more

Putin Boards Russian Nuclear Bomber; Inspects Cockpit As Moscow Upgrades TU-160M Bombers | Watch

Published on Feb 23, 2024 02:19 AM IST Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled the newly modernised Tupolev Tu-160M nuclear-capable strategic bomber at Kazan Aviation Plant. Putin inspected the aircraft parked at the facility and also boarded the cockpit of the bomber. Watch this video to know about the capabilities of this Russian war machine.