10 Dead, 2,500 Rescued After Severe Storms Hit Ukraine

Ten people have died in snowstorms in Ukraine. (File) Kyiv, Ukraine: Ten people have died in snowstorms in Ukraine, Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said on Tuesday, after icy winds and storms swept the country since Sunday, cutting power and blocking roads. Southern Ukraine was the worst affected, particularly the Black Sea region of Odesa. Cars … Read more

‘Blood Money’: Russia Rips ‘Selfish’ Biden; Claims U.S. Cashing In On Two Raging Wars

Published on Nov 20, 2023 05:24 PM IST Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has berated U.S. President Joe Biden. Medvedev claimed that “blood and money” are the essence of U.S. security doctrine. He claimed that the U.S. makes itself safer by starting “wars on other continents.” Medvedev made these scathing comments, accusing Joe Biden of … Read more

Ordinary Russians Feel Wrath of Putin’s Repression

In a city in southern Siberia, security forces detained a man in October for reading antiwar poetry at a literary event. Authorities in Novosibirsk fined a woman 15,000 rubles around the same time for tearing down a poster exalting Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. In St. Petersburg, a man was briefly detained in September for holding a … Read more

On Camera: Zelensky’s Soldiers ‘Kidnapping Man To Fight Russia’, As West Focuses On Israel-Hamas War

Published on Nov 11, 2023 10:23 PM IST In a video going viral, Ukrainian military recruiters were allegedly seen forcing a man inside a car and driving off, as per news outlet RT. The report said that such cases of forced recruitment have risen in recent times. Ukraine is currently struggling with a faltering counter-offensive … Read more

Russia Renews Missile Attacks On Ukrainian Capital Kyiv After 2 Months Of Calm

A missile struck Kyiv on Saturday, breaking nearly two months of relative peace in the Ukrainian capital, as frontline districts fought off waves of drone attacks overnight, news agency AFP reported. Ukraine is ready for a second Russian aerial assault this winter, following last year’s methodical assaults on the country’s electrical grid, which left people … Read more

Putin’s Spies Arrest Ukraine ‘Double Agent’ Trying To ‘Get Russian Soldiers To Work For Kyiv’

Published on Nov 08, 2023 08:17 PM IST Russian authorities released dramatic footage of the arrest of a person accused of being an agent of Ukrainian intelligence agencies. The Russian citizen was arrested in Buryatia. He has been charged with treason and accused of trying to make Russian soldiers defect and help the Ukrainians. Watch … Read more

Russia Turns to Longtime Arms Customers to Boost War Arsenal 

Listen to article (2 minutes) Russia has sought to retrieve parts from defense systems it had exported to countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, Belarus and Brazil, as it tries to replenish the enormous stocks of weapons being expended for the war in Ukraine. Last April, a delegation of Russian officials visiting Cairo asked Egyptian President … Read more

NATO suspends key Cold War treaty after Russia pulls out

How has Russia responded? Earlier on 7 November, Russia’s foreign ministry announced that the formal procedure to withdraw from the CFE had been completed. “Thus, the international legal document, the validity of which was suspended by our country back in 2007, has finally become history for us,” the ministry said in a statement. Russia said … Read more

Grenade Birthday Gift Kills Aide To Ukraine’s Top Military General

An assistant to Ukraine’s top army commander was killed when a grenade ignited among birthday gifts he was given on Monday, Ukrainian officials said. Maj. Hennadiy Chastyakov, 39, returned home with gifts from colleagues when his 13-year-old son picked up one of six grenades given to him in a box, the Special Prosecutor’s Office of … Read more

Russia Destroys American Mini-Tank: ‘Bradley’ Bombed Amid Ukraine Counter-Attack Mystery

Published on Nov 07, 2023 01:18 PM IST Russian military issued footage of its troops destroying an American ‘Bradley’ infantry vehicle supplied to Ukraine. The Bradley ‘mini-tank’ was destroyed in Zaporizhzhia. Russia claimed that it had “halted” the “much-hyped” counter-offensive by Ukrainian forces. However, Kyiv claimed that the operations in Zaporizhzhia were continuing. Watch the … Read more