US Senate clears USD 61 billion aid for Ukraine, Biden vows swift arms delivery

The United States Senate approved a US$61 billion aid package for Ukraine late Tuesday (April 24) that had been stalled for months in Congress, with President Joe Biden vowing fresh supplies to be delivered swiftly to the warzone as Russia makes battlefield gains. The package of legislation also contains text that would ban TikTok in … Read more

Joe Biden says Gaza ceasefire deal in Hamas’s hands as Ramadan nears

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that a deal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of Israeli hostages was in the hands of Hamas, as delegations held a third day of talks with no sign of a breakthrough. Negotiators from the Palestinian militant group, Qatar and Egypt – … Read more

US Lawmakers Urge Biden To Withhold Recognition Of Pakistan Govt Until ‘Credible’ Probe Of Poll Interference

Washington, Mar 1 (PTI) Citing “strong evidence” of election rigging in Pakistan, a group of influential lawmakers, including Muslim legislators, belonging to the ruling Democratic Party has urged US President Joe Biden to withhold “recognition” of a new government in Islamabad until a transparent and credible investigation is conducted. The February 8 general election, marred … Read more

Putin Flies Bomber, Says He Prefers Biden As US President | Russia Seeking “Secret” Navalny Burial

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised US President Joe Biden for calling him a “crazy SOB” with an ironic smile. According to Putin, the remark showed why Kremlin felt that for Russia, Biden would be a preferable future US President to Donald Trump. The Kremlin earlier said that Biden had debased the US by calling Putin … Read more

Have not spoken to US Presdient Joe Biden since his ‘over the top’ remarks on Israel’s retaliation on Hamas: Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday he has not spoken to US President Joe Biden since the president made remarks about Israel’s military response to Hamas being “over the top.” Netanyahu was speaking in an interview on the program Fox News Sunday. “I appreciate President Biden’s support for Israel since the beginning of … Read more

US President Joe Biden Says Donald Trump Making Key Immigration Bill Stagnant For Political Gains

US President Joe Biden, on Tuesday, voiced concerns that the bipartisan immigration bill is faltering due to political pressure from Republican rival Donald Trump. Biden pledged to take the issue directly to voters, attributing the bill’s stagnation to Trump’s political motivations. “All indications are this bill won’t even move forward to the Senate floor. Why? … Read more

US President Joe Biden’s fake robo call tells New Hamsphire voters to stay at home

As New Hampshire voters prepared to cast their votes in the state’s first-in-the nation primary Tuesday, a robo-call is circulating in the state urging Democrats to stay home – using a fake audio of US President Joe Biden. “It’s important that you save your vote for the November electionâ€æ.voting this Tuesday only enables the Republicans … Read more

US President Joe Biden says US doesn’t support Taiwan’s independence, a day after Taiwanese ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential candidate Lai Ching-te came to power, strongly rejecting Chinese pressure to spurn him

US President Joe Biden said on Saturday the United States does not support the independence of Taiwan, after Taiwanese voters rebuffed China and gave the ruling party a third presidential term. Earlier in the day, the Taiwanese ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) presidential candidate Lai Ching-te came to power, strongly rejecting Chinese pressure to spurn … Read more

Video: Biden takes honour guard’s help at wreath-laying, termed ‘confused’

United States President Joe Biden seemed to take help from an honour guard at a wreath-laying ceremony in Arlington in Texas. A video showed him taking directions from the guard as he placed a large floral arrangement on a stand during the ceremony on Veterans Day. The clip drew sharp reactions from people on social … Read more

Israel-Hamas War LIVE Updates: ‘No other way but to resist Israel,’ says Iran President Raisi at Islamic-Arab summit

Israel-Gaza War LIVE: Saudi Arabia and several other Muslim nations on Saturday collectively urged for an immediate halt to military operations in Gaza. They dismissed Israel’s rationale for its actions against Palestinians, asserting that it was not justified as self-defence, Reuters reported. The joint Islamic-Arab summit in Riyadh urged the International Criminal Court to investigate … Read more