United Kingdom Big Claim China Sending Aid To Russia Amid Ukraine War

Russia-Ukraine War: The United Kingdom claimed on Wednesday that China is sending “lethal aid” to Russia for use in its war against Ukraine. Speaking at a London conference, Britain’s defence minister Grant Shapps said on Wednesday, “Today I can reveal that we have evidence that Russia and China are collaborating on combat equipment for use … Read more

Putin & Xi’s ‘Friendly’ Hug Riles Up U.S. Amid Russia-Ukraine War; White House Mocks Meet | Watch

Published on May 18, 2024 09:19 PM IST A rare hug between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping during the Russian president’s China trip has made the U.S. bitter. The White House joked about the meeting between the two presidents, with its spokesperson saying ‘exchanging hugs is nice for them.’ A video from May 16 went … Read more

Ex-Chinese Defence Minister Gen. Wei Fenghe Emerges In Public After Prolonged Absence

Last Updated: May 09, 2024, 00:49 IST General Wei Fenghe answers questions from the audience at a plenary session during the 19th Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore June 12, 2022. (Reuters/File Photo) Gen. Wei Fenghe reemerges, indicating political safety. Speculation arises over successor Gen. Li Shangfu’s fate China’s former defence minister Gen. Wei Fenghe whose prolonged … Read more

Xi Arrives In France For State Visit As Macron Looks To Persuade China Against Supporting Russia

Chinese President Xi Jinping touched down in France on Sunday for a state visit hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron, with discussions set to encompass a spectrum of topics from Ukraine to trade relations. This visit marks 60 years of diplomatic ties between France and China and signals Xi’s first trip to Europe since 2019, … Read more

“External Interference” Cannot Stop China, Taiwan Unification: Xi Jinping

Taiwan was among the issues discussed by Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in a call last week. (File) Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday that “external interference” would not stop Beijing from unifying with Taiwan, as he met the self-ruled island’s former leader in a rare display of cross-strait dialogue. Taiwan’s former president Ma … Read more

Putin Minister’s Public Warning To US-Led West Over Ukraine ‘Peace Summit’ Plan Excluding Russia

Published on Apr 09, 2024 10:13 PM IST Amid Ukraine and its allies’ push for a “peace summit” in Switzerland in the next few months, Russia’s foreign minister issued a warning to the West. While visiting China for high-level discussions, Sergey Lavrov criticised unilateral peace measures which exclude Russia. He also dismissed Ukraine President Volodymyr … Read more

‘Won’t Sit Idle’: Xi Jinping Gets Blunt With Biden Over Taiwan During Phone Call | Details

Published on Apr 03, 2024 06:12 PM IST US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping held a phone call on April 2 for the first time since the two leaders met in California in November last year. Xi Jinping told Biden that “Taiwan is the first uncrossable red line in China-US relations, … Read more

Russia makes geopolitical pivot to Asia

India walking a fine line India’s unapologetic purchase of discounted Russian crude oil is one of the most notable aspects of the country’s relationship with Russia. Additionally, Moscow has continued to be a major arms supplier for India. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Russia supplied 65% of India’s weapons purchases of more … Read more

China FM Questions U.S.’ Credibility As Major Power; ‘Washington Will Harm Itself’ | Watch

Published on Mar 07, 2024 10:30 PM IST China’s Foreign Minister questioned U.S.’ confidence and credibility in being a major power. Wang Yi said that U.S. gets nervous when it hears the word China. He also accused China of ramping up tensions in South China Sea and urged it to not interfere in its internal … Read more

China’s ‘Two Sessions’ Begin Amid Economic Challenges And Political Shifts, Here’s What To Expect | World News

BEIJING:  China’s prestigious “Two Sessions” commences in Beijing on Monday where thousands of delegates from across the country will signal how they plan to steer the world’s second-largest economy in the year ahead and try to dispel deepening concern about the challenges it faces. Chinese leader Xi Jinping and his top Communist Party officials are expected to focus … Read more