5 Big Controversies Of British Home Secretary

Suella Braverman became home secretary in October 2022.

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman is facing one of her toughest time, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak under pressure to sack her for criticising pro-Palestinian marches in a news article.

Here’s a list of Ms Braverman’s controversies:

  1. Homelessness a “lifestyle choice”: Days before comparing pro-Palestinian protests with scenes witnessed in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, the British home secretary had caused outrage by claiming that those sleeping on streets, are only doing so because it is a “lifestyle choice” they have made. She shared her views on X (formerly known as Twitter).

  2. Asylum seekers “pretending to be gay”: In September, Ms Braverman made another controversial remark, claiming that people seeing asylum in the UK pretend to be gay “in many instances” to get “special treatment” and stay in the UK. She had made the remarks at ITV‘s Peston programme.

  3. Accusing British-Pakistani men of being part of grooming gangs: In April, Ms Braverman said in an interview to Sky News that groups of men, almost all British-Pakistanis, are part of grooming gangs that “pursue, drug, rape, and harm vulnerable English girls”

  4. A migrant “invasion”: Another notable controversy erupted when the UK home secretary called the arrival of asylum seekers in small boats from across the English Channel as “the invasion on our southern coast”. She was slammed for her choice of language and migrants said the rhetoric “puts so many people at risk”.

  5. “Dream” to see asylum seekers deported to Rwanda: In October last year, as Liz Truss’ home secretary, she spoke about her “dream” to see a plane of asylum seekers take off for Rwanda before Christmas.

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