BJP-sponsored media spreading canards about Congress leadership in Rajasthan: KC Venugopal

“A section of the BJP-sponsored propaganda driven media is spreading canards about our top leadership’s activity in Rajasthan,” Venugopal said.

“From November 16 onwards, Kharge ji will be in Rajasthan for 3 days, Rahul ji will have public events spanning 4 days and Priyanka ji will also be campaigning for 3 days,” he said.

“This propaganda is being spread against us while there is complete silence about how PM Modi did not even have the courage to campaign in Mizoram,” Venugopal said.

It is extremely unethical and mischievous that these “pre-meditated hit jobs cast aspersions on our unflinching commitment towards Rajasthan”, the Congress general secretary added.

“Don’t forget, Rahul ji walked for 18 days across Rajasthan during the Bharat Jodo Yatra — one of the longest stretches of the Yatra,” he said.

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