BJP’s ignorance, mischief or desperation?

Rahul Gandhi’s address on the evening of Sunday, 17 March, at Shivaji Park. Mumbai is in the public domain; so is his post on the micro blogging site X. This is what the Congress MP posted in Hindi on Sunday:

“Hindustan has spoken in Mumbai today, warning forces (shakti) harbouring plans to divide the country that they will never succeed in defeating INDIA. Narendra Modi is the mask that hides a negative force (shakti), a force that has enslaved institutions, the same force that is bleeding India’s farmers, workers, women, the poor and the youth and enriching crony capitalists by squeezing small and medium industries, the force (shakti) that has monopolised corruption. It is time to give a befitting response to this shakti and it is our collective responsibility. This country fed with love will once again defeat hatred. INDIA will win.”

In fact, during the course of his speech in Mumbai, a prescient Gandhi anticipated the response and asserted that the prime minister would twist his words and play the victim card, that Modi ji would say that he had been insulted!

Sure enough, on Monday, the BJP’s IT cell chief started the day by posting on X that “…Rahul Gandhi declares open war against ‘shakti’. Let there be no doubt that I.N.D.I Alliance is out to destroy Sanatan Dharma, the essence of Bharatvarsh…”! He followed it up with the following post: “Hindus worship Maa Durga. She is shakti. We don’t fight shakti. Since time immemorial, asuras have tried fighting shakti, only to be destroyed…”.

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