Brooklyn Man Admits to Killing Sex Offender over Drugs, Hiding Severed Head in Fridge

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Last Updated: February 03, 2024, 09:52 IST

New York, United States of America (USA)

Nicholas McGee (r) said he killed sex offender Kawsheen Gelzer (l) over a dispute over drugs and then sliced his body up and kept it inside a freezer. (Image: @heatherstines/NY.GOV)

Nicholas McGee revealed all of this info in exchange for a cigarette and said he killed Kawsheen Gelzer over a drug dispute.

Nicholas McGee, 45, resident of Brooklyn, New York, admitted this week that he killed sex offender Kawsheen Gelzer during a dispute over drugs and stashed his severed head in the freezer of his apartment in New York City’s Flatbush.

The case has garnered significant attention in the US with many concerned over rising crime rates in major American cities, including New York.

McGee told the police that he committed the murder in March 2022 and before killing Gelzer he told him that he deserved to be killed. “Because you are a piece of s**t and I am sick of you,” McGee told that these were his words before committing the murder, according to a report by the New York Post.

Nicholas McGee is currently in custody in Chesapeake, Virginia in a separate case where he faces charges of identity fraud. In custody, while speaking to the police, he said he “just snapped” and killed the sex offender, who molested children in the past.

He also admitted that he sliced up Gelzer’s body while sharing a bottle of vodka with his wife, Heather Stines, 45, and then sifted through Gelzer’s pockets for the drugs and smoked them.

The newspaper said that McGee revealed all of this information in exchange for a cigarette.

Gelzer’s wife, Heather Stine, last month told cops that her husband was responsible for murder after he and Gelzer got into a fight over drugs. McGee told the cops that the alleged murder took place on March 22, 2022. Police initially thought the murder happened on Aug-Sep 2023. Gelzer was reported missing in August 2023.

McGee told the police that he was the victim as he was upset with Gelzer for not handing over the drugs to him and his wife as they allowed him to crash in Flatbush flat regularly. He also said that Gelzer, who has been on the state sex offender registry since he was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old boy in 2005, disrespected the couple.

Following the fight, Gelzer fell asleep on their couch in the Flatbush apartment. As he was asleep, McGee allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and lodged it into his back and this led to a struggle. The struggle ended after McGee stabbed him multiple times and hit him with a hammer. Before dying, Gelzer reportedly begged McGee to tell him why he killed him. McGee told Gelzer he was tired of him and then as he killed him he sifted through the dying man’s pockets and took out the drugs he was denied moments earlier.

McGee and Stines left the mutilated body in their Flatbush apartment for several days until it showed signs of decomposition. Stines said that her husband was at home but didn’t participate in the murder earlier but McGee recalled that he decided to cut Gelzer into pieces. “I got to cut this motherf**ker up,” he said and then he took a small saw to cut the body while the couple passed a bottle of vodka back and forth.

The body was cut and put in plastic bags which then went into a suitcase he stuck in their fridge. “I put it in there and tried to forget about it,” McGee admitted. He told the police that he and his wife considered tossing the remains but found that it would be too complicated a task with other people in the busy building.

The body was discovered last month but the neighbours said they were aware of a deadly struggle in the unit. Heather Stines was not allowing that many people into the apartment in recent months and also refused to let visitors near the fridge she had taped up.

She also tried to prevent the cops from looking inside when they finally raided the home Monday where they found a severed head and other body parts on ice. Stines was charged was concealment of a corpse after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation on Wednesday and her husband McGee will be charged with murder soon, the newspaper said citing law enforcement officials.

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